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Via Pietro Custodi 16/a
20136 MILANO
t. 0258103193 | f. 0258102311

Founded in 1968, Makio Hasuike & Co is one of the first industrial design studios in Italy. The studio, now active in various fields of design, collaborates with Italian and foreign companies operating in different sectors, alongside the design activity, strategic consultancy and art direction. The services offered are based on creativity, reliability and high professionalism to develop projects that are recognizable, valuable and innovative.

In the field of product design, projects are developed ranging from large-scale production to limited editions. The architecture field is very versatile and includes projects for temporary spaces, redevelopment and new construction. Branding includes visual communication and packaging projects as well as all projects that are aimed at updating and strengthening a brand and which exploit 360-degree communication.

The firm offers the client a strategic contribution, helping him in identifying the most appropriate path to take to respond to his objectives and assisting him in all phases. The team, in fact, makes its experience and curiosity available by exploring all possible solutions. The constant research allows wise use of materials and the application of the most up-to-date technologies. In addition, project management is consistent with the firm’s core values: a concrete service based on respect, ethics, and professionalism.

Operating in three different design areas, Makio Hasuike & Co is able to offer an integrated and complete contribution, generating a broad and multifaceted overview.    The way of collaborating is never the same because it must be able to concretely and effectively support the single specificity of the project, translating a broad proposal into a precise and punctual solution, identified through an adaptable, dynamic, and on-time process.

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