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Henge is the success story of a young company that turned the search for materials into a known trademark in the world of design. The project came to life following the founder Paolo Tormena’s desire to explore topics linked to his passion for materials and rare making. Henge emerged in just a few years as a leading player in the interior design universe.

With the support of the creative architect Massimo Castagna, Tormena was able to shape a vision focused on peculiar aesthetic needs, to the point of creating a unique and unmistakable style for the brand. Over the years, Henge has strengthened its cooperation with the well-known international design firm Yabu Pushelberg and carried out projects in partnership with the Dutch artist Maarten Baas.

Today, Henge is present in 70 countries in the most exclusive showrooms and flagship stores. It is also part of international and prestigious residences such as Hillside in Los Angeles, Casa Clara, and Palazzo Del Sol in Miami. The desire to experiment and create new elements has led Henge to work with Ugo Cacciatori, a jewellery and contemporary lifestyle designer. This has given life to a series of unique products that embrace the brand Dna.

Henge design stands out thanks to its clean lines. All creations are destined to become protagonists, showing a strong personality and going beyond the fugacity of trends and fashion. Henge seeks extraordinary materials from all over the world, looking for their expression and giving value to their natural characteristics. It explores unique materials that can tell a story that doesn’t need to be told through words because it’s simply discovered by getting in contact with each product.


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