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Perfect, harmonious proportions and a feeling of understated luxury are the distinguishing features of Living Divani, the dynamic and vibrant family-owned company that has made its trademark of upholstery.

Established in 1969, the Company has followed a clear path, maintaining an intensive dialogue with the contemporary world and becoming one of the landmarks in the design landscape. Strategic is the alliance with Piero Lissoni: since 1989, in his dual role as art director and designer, he has led the firm’s unique style made of discretion and formal neutrality.

Over the years Living Divani has developed a vast and varied offer in a gradual process of creation of a complete living environment, which revolves around an upholstery system with subtle shapes and proportion, enhanced by characterful complements – seats, armchairs, beds, tables, bookcases, carpets, the outdoor collection and the styling project, to complete little by little the idea of a “Living Divani world”. To deal with the dynamics of a constantly-changing market, the collection, the past decade has been a time of talent scouting among the new generation of designers, who all increase the diversity of the collection, opening it up to new tastes.

The Living Divani proposal is conceived as well for the contract sector, where the company is globally active globally in different fields: offices, banks, airports, hotels, waiting areas, museums, restaurants and showrooms.

Significant acknowledgement of the path of excellence of Living Divani is the entry in 2012 in Altagamma. After 50 years since its foundation, with 60 employees and a constantly-growing sales network, Living Divani remains a family-run, human-centered business, which has succeeded in reaching across the world of design with its own genuine and individual interpretation.

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