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The Modulnova showroom, a laboratory for experimenting with the balance between man and architecture, hosts the new collections in an indoor and outdoor exhibition itinerary dedicated to the beauty and evolution of the system.

Modulnova is a company founded by three brothers Dario, Giuseppe and Carlo Presotto, become a point of reference in the production of kitchen, living, bathroom and outdoor systems. The company blends culture, know-how and attention to detail in a design philosophy that places man, his needs and beauty at the centre. A new aesthetic language, an innovative system that is expressed in a design linked to architecture.

The system allows limitless space design, complete customization of the environment, a stylistic connection of elements and colors, for the creation of a space with an intimate and suggestive atmosphere, dedicated to the well-being of the individual.

Each material is at the service of the overall project, it is declined in the kitchen, living and bathroom collections, but also in the wall coverings and boiseries. A careful and accurate selection of materials, many of which are exclusive, combined with the use of advanced technologies, which respect the material and enhance its beauty, allow you to experiment with new solutions.

The tailoring of the system and the infinite customization possibilities in the catalog respond to the needs of a heterogeneous and international public. Modulnova design integrates with the architectural space defining its volumes, in a sort of symbiosis between structure and product.

A complete synthesis between interior architecture and furnishing elements that interprets the most current concepts of living.

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