01_Timeless Island + Timeless Beauty
02_Colette Collection
03_Colette Collection
04_Timeless Kitchen
05_Timeless Closet + Timeless Bookshelves + Timeless Rack
06_Timeless Edge Desk

Via A. Manzoni 30
20121 MILANO


With 37 years of history under the direction of the Schattan family, Ornare has a consolidated global presence in key markets such as Brazil, the United States, the United Arab Emirates and Europe, with 30 showrooms.

The latest flagship store in Milan, with an area of 450 square meters, is part of the prestigious Quadrilatero della Moda and presents the latest collections designed by Studio Ornare under the direction of Murillo Schattan.

The Timeless Collection is composed of furniture that will last for generations, with a design full of personality and without excess. The Colette Collection, launched this year, is elegant and everlasting, with classic and contemporary touches.

Driven by design evolution, innovation and expansion, Ornare is widely recognized for its impeccable quality and continues to strive for excellence, highlighting the brand‘s rise as a world leader in design.

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