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Headquarters Progetto CMR interiors
Headquarters Progetto CMR
Nuovo Stadio Milano - Masterplan (1)
The Sign
Torri Garibaldi

Via F. Russoli 6
20143 MILANO
t. 025849091 | f. 0258490920

Progetto CMR is an integrated design company, founded in 1994 with the aim to create a flexible, efficient and eco-sustainable architecture. The headquarters are located in Milan, and there are 9 offices located in various cities in the world: it is partner of EAN – European Architect Network.
The company is structured in 3 departments: architecture, engineering, design. Since 2010 it is among the 100 architecture companies in the world reported in BD World Architecture Top 100 and is ranked 2nd on the Norsa – Guamari report of the major Architecture and Design companies in Italy. The company holds a significant track record for the design and construction of various projects spacing from urban planning to building and interior design. Amongs the most recent projects in Italy: the new headquarters for Generali in the City Life complex in Milan, the De Castillia 23 building for Urban Up Unipol, the complex The sign for Covivio and Spark One for LendLease, the new offices for Huawei chapters Milan and Rome, PWC’s offices in Rome, Munich RE, Mailup and Prima Assicurazioni in Milan. Among the international projects are urban scale developments such as the Xiantao Big Data Valley masterplan in Chongqing. In 2019 it is in the shortlist for Milan’s New Stadium project and in 2020 the project for the Stadium for Cagliari Calcio is signed. Progetto CMR promotes quality and sustainability in architectural design also through its publications of the past years, the most recent being “Rocktecture” (Giorgio Mondadori Publishings), written by Massimo Roj and curated by Fortunato D’Amico.

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