Looking to the future to create innovative solutions with concrete advantages has always been part of Siemens’ DNA. “Progress at the service of humanity” is the philosophy with which Werner von Siemens created his company over 165 years ago and which, even today, translates into the creation of state-of-the-art appliances in terms of innovation, technology and design. A complete range of products for cooking, washing, storage: Siemens appliances are the true ambassadors of our time, capable of improving the quality of daily life.

Today, an appliance no longer has to be just functional. The range of Siemens built-in appliances integrates harmoniously with the interior of the house, so as not to have to compromise with the design.

At a time when home appliances must meet the needs of consumers with an “on-the-go” lifestyle, Siemens is one step ahead. Leading products not only for the use of smart technologies and the guarantee of an unparalleled user experience, but also for a clear and design aesthetic. Numerous Siemens products have been awarded with major awards including iF, Red Dot and German Design Awards.

Siemens, leader in Europe in built-in appliances, brings revolutionary solutions to every home, which ensure maximum efficiency in the use of resources. Design and technology come together in a new concept of simplicity. With clean lines and innovative materials, Siemens appliances adapt to the aesthetics of any kitchen, to offer endless design possibilities.

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