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The highest levels of performance, sophisticated design, cutting-edge technology and total respect for food and its chain of supply and production: these are the strong points of Signature Kitchen Suite, the new premium built-in appliance brand by LG Electronics.

Launched in South Korea in 2017 and then in the United States, Signature Kitchen Suite made its official debut in Europe in 2020, opening its first experiential showroom in the centre of Milan, the international design capital. A space of 1100 sqm on three levels, designed by Calvi Brambilla, as a full expression of the three key pillars of the brand: Food, Design and Smart.

Signature Kitchen Suite has a clear philosophy, conveyed in the slogan True to Food, where the accent is on rediscovery of the value of food, in relation to its origin, nutritional characteristics and culinary potential. Signature Kitchen Suite thus becomes part of a chain of production of quality, thanks to appliances created to optimize the conservation and enhancement of ingredients, while offering effective support and services for the brand’s clientele.

The respect for food is also clearly evident in the design choices: clean, essential lines, materials of the highest quality to guarantee maximum hygiene and conservation, and the inclusion of intuitive, user-friendly technological features of the latest generation, are just some of the characteristics that set the products of Signature Kitchen Suite apart.

All the appliances are Wi-Fi Ready, for connection to home automation systems. The Smart Diagnosis System makes it easy to detect possible malfunctioning by means of an app, permitting timely intervention.


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