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Via Rencati 110
22063 CANTÙ (CO)
t. 031714493

TABU was born in 1927 in Italy in Cantù, in the heart of Lombardy, and is today Italian excellence in wood dyeing. It is present in over 60 countries around the world: it produces dyed and multilaminar natural veneers, collected in the prodigious 555.18 Collection, industrial inlays (Radiche&Graffiti Collection), three-dimensional surfaces (Groovy Collection) and lines of wooden floors with the top layer dyed throughout. The range is completed by the SKEENS Tabu boiserie Collection.

TABU is an acronym of the name of the Tagliabue family, who founded it three generations ago, and it’s an authentic wood tailoring that incessantly develops the secrets of dyeing technology applied to dozens of wood species.

Homogeneity and repeatability are the two keywords of the wood dyeing technology developed by TABU: grey, brown and beige have hundreds of shades applied to dozens of wood species.

We are the only world manufacturer to make available natural veneers, dyed natural veneers and multilaminar veneers, with Italian quality standards and ensuring the processing of wood from legal and certified forests (mainly North America and Europe).

In fact, the procurement of the raw material takes place following the rigorous FSC® standards (of respect for Nature and for Populations), a forest certification to which TABU has enthusiastically adhered since 2003, creating an internal traceability system.

Since 2012 TABU has also equipped itself with a photovoltaic system which is among the largest in Lombardy, thanks to which it significantly reduces its CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.



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