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Via G. Galilei 9-9/a-11
t. 0415903480 | f. 0415900992

Vistosi’s history is rooted in the sixteenth century when the name of its ancestor, Vincenzo Gazzabin, appears for the first time in the Murano glass art gold register. The name “Vistosi” appears shortly after, as a nickname of an heir to the Gazzabin glass works.

From the 1950s, first under the guidance of Gino and then his nephew Luciano Vistosi, the company began to concentrate on the production of lighting fixtures and began a fruitful collaboration with the designers of the time: from Gae Aulenti to Ettore Sottsass, from Vico Magistretti to Angelo Mangiarotti, to name a few.

1989 is the year in which Giancarlo Moretti, a Murano entrepreneur who has been operating in the sector for some time, took over the company giving life to Vetreria Vistosi.

Matteo Moretti, Giancarlo’s son, will relaunch the brand: a profound production and commercial reorganisation is accompanied by new important collaborations with designers and talents: Chiaramonte and Marin, the oï atelier, Hangar Design Group, Mauro Olivieri, Michele De Lucchi, Favaretto & Partners, Francesco Lucchese and many others.

Today Vistosi is recognised as a true craft industry whose production techniques, organisation and exclusive know-how make it one of the most competitive players in the world.

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