Via Fabio di Maniago 15
33100 – UDINE (UD)
T. 0432600331 | F. 0432603678

Visual Display (brand + interior design company) is a creative company that works as art director and strategic advisor, focusing on interior design, retail design and brand identity projects for companies and privates.

Their inspiration and stylistic expression sparks off each time from the observation of the unique business opportunity regarding their client thus, they work carefully with them to provide a rich, consistent and creative consultancy in all its forms and shades.

A strong long lasting experience and practice in interior design projects together with a great passion for beauty and details led to a different, innovative designing approach which is really eclectic and based on the awareness that space has a great power of creating a real connection between people and brands.

Visual Display is today an international benchmark, for those who wish to have a full esthetic and ethic result with their own identity and their own environment.

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