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Laura Traldi

Cover photo | Irish Pavilion, Biennale di Venezia 2021. The exhibition Entanglement, by  Annex, eexplores the materiality of data and the impact of communication technologies on the interconnected levels of culture, the environment and people. Ph. Alan Butler


Strolling Cities: AI, with poetry

Strolling Cities: AI, with poetry

Strolling Cities, at the Italian Pavilion at the Biennale, is a journey through Italian cities reinterpreted by Artificial Intelligence nourished by poems and human voices. Because, says the author Mauro Martino, “creativity evolves thanks to the co-creation between people and generative models”
Refik Anadol: AI is art, language and hope

Refik Anadol: AI is art, language and hope

According to the media artist (currently in Milan and Venice with two installations) Artificial Intelligence can become a universal language, like art. And, if used well, lead to perceive new dimensions of love and inclusion. An augmented hope…


Humanizing technology through design

Humanizing technology through design

The Circolo del Design di Torino talks about the humanization of technology through an exhibition dedicated to the Interaction Design Institute of Ivrea that kicks off a cycle of appointments and insights