All major components are made of steel and wash up to fourteen place settings. Asko dishwashers combine Scandinavian design and attention to waste

Combining functionality, aesthetics and professional washing performance in a household appliance was Asko's challenge. Asko's fully concealed sliding door dishwashers are designed with an almost all-steel construction, superior loading capacity and an elegant appearance that blends perfectly into any kitchen.

More steel, less plastic

A quality dishwasher can be recognised by the material used for the components subject to the most wear and tear. This is why all Asko dishwashers are 8 Steel™: eight of the most important components - the interior, loading baskets, pipes, spouts, base and feet, filter and heating element - are made entirely of steel. Up to nine different water jets reach each area of the dishwasher, ensuring thorough cleaning. At the end of the washing process, the drying process uses the hot air inside and, in the next step, the Auto Door Open Drying™ function: the dishwasher door opens automatically to finish the drying process by dissipating the steam inside.

Up to fourteen place settings

The range consists of 82 cm XL appliances and 86 cm XXL appliances. The capacity, with the same external dimensions, is considerably higher than standard: 54 cm loading height is available in XL dishwashers and 58 cm in XXL dishwashers. This means that even large plates and glasses can be placed in the dishwasher. Asko dishwashers can wash up to fourteen place settings.

Solid and functional Scandinavian design

The sliding door allows for a flush installation with the kitchen cabinets, with no friction between the decorative door of the concealed dishwasher and the low plinth of the kitchen. The dishwasher door slides upwards when opened and downwards when closed. This creates a 2 mm gap between the door and the plinth or drawer underneath it. This is both an aesthetic and functional solution: in some cases, the plinth does not have to be cut away, making it easier to install at height.

Up to thirteen different programmes

The new generation Asko dishwashers are also equipped with the Status Light™, an indicator light in the bottom right-hand corner that shows the progress of the programme. Depending on the model, up to thirteen programmes and up to four washing modes are available: Green, which saves water and energy; Rapid, which reduces the washing time by 50 per cent; Intensive, suitable for dishes with dry residues that are difficult to remove; and Night, which reduces the noise level by 2 dB, allowing the dishwasher to be started even at times dedicated to rest. Finally, thanks to Aqua Safe™, the dishwasher is leak-proof: the safety system developed by Asko includes a Pex feed pipe, a welded steel tank and intelligent systems such as the non-return valve and the Aqua Detect sensor.