Boffi|DePadova tells NYCxDesign about a way of living focused on leaving a lasting mark. And, on this occasion, it honors Boffi's 90th anniversary

With a cocktail set for 18 May 2024 at the two stores Boffi Soho and De Padova Soho of New York City, the company invites the international and New York public to take part in a doubly celebratory moment, in which, in addition to Boffi's ninetieth birthday, the guiding philosophy of the group: a way of living with an enlightened mission that has little to do with the simple aesthetics of the products.

Born in 1934 from the passion of a visionary craftsman and establishing itself first in the kitchen sector alone and then in the design of domestic environments, Boffi has continued its path over the years while preserving the important tradition of design.

An imprinting that has reached the present day, bringing the group Boffi|DePadova to position itself today as a company that constantly looks to the good of the community, understood as the people it is made up of and the planet to which it is devoted: a way of thinking, planning, acting, which responds to the value of union in diversity . In one sentence: a company dedicated to social responsibility.

Today led by Roberto Gavazzi, who always invites us to look at "the forest and not just the trees", Boffi|DePadova narrates with an eclectic language the design and manufacturing vocation of the company which pays constant attention to a 'real' way of living: not just aesthetics, but integrated solutions designed for interior environments that embrace different 'ways of living' , precisely.

“You need to be clear about the social responsibility of your mission to leave a lasting, quality mark that creates value while respecting rules, people and the environment. A mission that goes beyond the simple pursuit of corporate success", comments Roberto Gavazzi, CEO and president of the group.

The appointment, therefore, is Saturday 18 May 2024, at the Boffi Soho and De Padova Soho stores in Manhattan, NYC.