High technology and functional design for free-standing appliances that reduce food waste

Spaces in our homes are becoming more and more fluid, where the boundary between living and kitchen tends to disappear. For this reason, the design of household appliances is playing an increasingly important role, transforming refrigerators and freezers into true furnishing elements. Minimalist in form, Liebherr's concept for the new range of free-standing appliances focuses on pure lines and elegant finishes, as well as durable, high-quality materials such as glass and steel, emphasised by LED lighting. An exclusive and timeless look that allows these models to integrate into any modern kitchen and at the same time stand out as stylish elements. All features that have earned the brand the Red Dot Product Design Award 2022, one of the world's most important design prizes.

InteriorFit: perfect integration

Thanks to InteriorFit, Liebherr's new freestanding appliances do not require side clearance from walls or furniture to allow ventilation, which is why they can be inserted into niches. Only the door protrudes clearly, providing optimum access to the equipment. Everything else remains hidden, so that the kitchen remains the centre of attention.

Customised comfort

It can often be difficult to know which model is best suited to your needs from the many available. To help the public, Liebherr has divided the range into three series: Plus, with all the essential features; Prime, more elegant and better equipped; and Peak, the flagship series where Liebherr's innovative technology meets high-end design and top comfort solutions.

Preventing food waste

Thanks to state-of-the-art freshness preservation functions and technologies, the new appliances help prevent food waste. The DuoCooling function in combi appliances, for example, prevents food dehydration thanks to two independent refrigeration circuits that prevent air exchange between the refrigerator and freezer. BioFresh technology creates optimal storage conditions for fruit and vegetables, fish, meat and dairy products in drawers with controlled temperature and humidity, prolonging the life of these foods. Saving energy and reducing food waste are also the result of smart technology: thanks to the SmartDevice, you can control the appliance remotely via app and receive notifications, e.g. in the event of a power failure or if doors are accidentally left open.

Pure water, without plastic. And goodbye manual defrosting

Thanks to the integrated InfinitySpring dispenser in the Peak series appliances, filtered cold water can be drawn directly from the refrigerator. This eliminates plastic bottles, making a concrete contribution to environmental sustainability. Liebherr's NoFrost technology also protects the freezer compartment from the formation of unwanted ice or frost. Fresh food is frozen quickly and moisture is channelled to the outside. Thanks to NoFrost, the freezer no longer needs to be defrosted, thus saving time and energy.

Ice cubes in the blink of an eye

Thanks to EasyTwist-Ice, you can quickly and conveniently prepare a supply of ice cubes without the need for a fixed water connection. Simply pour the water into the reservoir, let it freeze and then remove the ice cubes with a simple twist.

The freezer can become a refrigerator

The Peak series free-standing combi appliances also feature the VarioTemp function, which allows the freezer compartment to be transformed into an additional refrigerator compartment by adjusting the temperature between -2 °C and +14 °C. This is suitable for storing drinks and snacks for a party for a few hours, or for converting the appliance into a cellar compartment suitable for storing cold-sensitive products such as potatoes, onions and the like.