The Skill Gres collection brings the brand's know-how, kitchen excellence, to the outside world

There is a way to kitchen design typical of Modulnova that combines ergonomics and aesthetics and distinguishes the proposals of the company founded in 1988 by Dario, Giuseppe and Carlo Presotto. A know-how with a strong sartorial imprint that now arrives on the market in an outdoor version with the Skill Gres collection.

The right mix of indoor and outdoor

"We wanted to create a blend of indoor and outdoor, moving and reinventing some of our kitchen models with new lines, shapes and materials," explain designers Carlo Presotto and Andrea Bassanello. "All the materials used are resistant to humidity and weather, they are practical and at the same time designed to be in harmony with the surrounding environment." The collection stems from the evidence of the last two years: "The considerable increase in the desire to share in today's homes has prompted us to propose kitchens that can be adapted to different situations in terms of size, space, aesthetics and functionality".

Customised materials

But how is Skill Gres actually made? For the body of the bases and for the structural parts the materials used are those specific to outdoor environments: standard AISI 304 steel and AISI 316 marine steel, ideal for locations near salt spray and salty winds. What makes the collection special is the possibility of customising the project with a wide choice of materials and finishes such as marble, stone, stoneware, steel and metal, thus realising a customised project in every detail. The island's base and top are in Dark Depth lime-effect stoneware. The island accommodates the large integrated washbasin - with pull-down mixer tap that optimises space and gives greater aesthetic cleanliness - and blends with the other two functional blocks in Graphite millerighe marble, whose raw workmanship enhances the materiality of the original texture.

Maximum resistance

The technical equipment is interchangeable and removable: the Mate hobs, produced exclusively for Modulnova, electric and freestanding, made of AISI 316 steel, are salt and weather resistant and can be positioned with maximum freedom so as to reconcile culinary aspirations and cooking techniques: the equipment can be configured to suit specific needs, from induction hobs to teppanyaki to barbecue. When the kitchen is not in use, the hobs, in both built-in and freestanding versions, can be removed manually, transported and repositioned at will. Practical covers prevent infiltration of dust, rain and other residues.

A peninsula and a chaise longue

A snack peninsula from the ASG collection with a black-painted AISI 316 stainless steel support structure and top in Graphite Raw stoneware and solid wood profile in heat-treated ash, thus resistant to wear and tear and the weather; and a chaise longue from the XY collection in solid wood in ash, also heat-treated.