The 65-meter megayacht by Admiral Yachts

Life Saga is the name of the megayacht with a length of 65 meters by Admiral, the flagship brand of the Italian Sea Group. With elegant contemporary lines, Life Saga is the result of collaboration between Admiral and sector professionals, such as the art director of the group, the architect Gianmarco Campanino, who has done the external styling and internal layout, and the designer Mark Berryman, in charge of the concept for the interiors.

Vanishing sliding glass doors from floor to ceiling, balconies that can be withdrawn and glass walls that open offer the possibility of living in a ‘hybrid environment’ that mixes indoors and outdoors. The rotunda of the dining room functions as a filter between two important spaces, the external lounge area and the cinema, reducing the conventional division between inside and outside thanks to the enormous curved glass walls with sliding panels for total concealment.

The large windows extending from deck to ceiling and the large opening at the center of the yacht are its true stylistic signature. The design expresses a daring, courageous character, masculine but not too military, and in any case always elegant. The distinctive architectural feature in the central part of the silhouette, composed of panes of glass without details, gives the yacht the look of a modern villa.