A design look at the nautical world. Interni OnBoard, in a digital guise, questions the role of life on the sea in the era of social distancing

For the first time Interni OnBoard lands online. After the monographs published since 2008 and the insights proposed in the magazine in more recent times, the theme of the nautical design lands in Interni Design Journal, our digital magazine which dedicates one of its editions to the theme of water to welcome it.

From Philippe Starck to John Pawson, from Rodolfo Dordoni to Antonio Citterio to Patricia Urquiola: over the last twenty years there are many designers who have accepted the challenge of bringing their vision of architecture and living to the sea, signing yacht interiors that have changed the stylistic dictates of a sector anchored, until recently, to very traditional languages.

Interni has followed this evolution over the years - in terms of design but also technological - which, in fact, has led the Italian shipyards to an undisputed international leadership. This is documented not only by the many testimonies collected from interior and exterior designers, but also by those of nautical entrepreneurs and shipowners, witnesses of the success of an important sector of Made in Italy.

This year, that of social distancing, the yacht as a houseboat is no longer just an aspiration: it has become a refuge. A place, large or small, where you can live protected, surrounded by the things and people we love.

The pandemic has taught us to fully live our homes and also to think about how to improve them. In the same way, the boat-refuge is transformed into a 'nest' to be furnished with ever stronger passion and awareness.

What will change? We talked about it with designers and entrepreneurs of the most important shipyards. But, anticipating them, we can certainly say that in the new present of boating there will be less room for ostentation and more attention to ecology, conviviality, welcoming people.

It is said that in the home world there is no longer a difference between indoors and outdoors. In 2020 we have all experienced the veracity of this statement firsthand. In the same way, the sea and land are getting closer and closer, as well as the dream of being able to live in contact with water and nature.


Cover photo: prototype of the floating island CPH-Ø1 from the project Copenhagen Islands designed by Marshall Blecher and Magnus Maarbjerg of Fokstrot studio.