Three new furnishings from a brand of excellence capture the needs of an ever-changing world

Ergonomics, privacy, flexibility. And, of course, style: there are the needs of the changing world of work in Pedrali's new office proposals. A wide range of creations resulting from the analysis of the most recent organisational models in companies and professional offices, in all those spaces (including the home, because this too is increasingly an office) shaped by factors and events, such as the pandemic, that impose increasingly design-oriented solutions.

Privacy niches without isolating yourself

Finding an intimate space within increasingly fluid, continuously reconfigurable environments is the need fulfilled by the Buddyhub desk, design Busetti Garuti Redaelli. This is the new element in the Buddy family, which retains the collection's characteristic friendly design. A functional and efficient workstation where you can concentrate away from the background noise typical of open spaces. Buddyhub desk is characterised by a sound-absorbing perimeter panel that embraces a stratified work surface, creating a private and acoustically protected privacy niche. A piece of furniture that can be configured as a workstation and can be fitted with a cable duct for electrification. Or a temporary workstation, conceived as a reserved space in which to work informally or make calls, standing or sitting, thanks to the possibility of a concealed electrical socket. Buddyhub desk is a modular piece of furniture that can be combined with other Buddyhub desks, or with lounge chairs from the Buddyhub collection, to separate open spaces and create co-working and meeting areas. The panel is supported by slender legs that, in lifting it off the ground, lighten it from view, as well as making it extremely functional by facilitating cleaning and maintenance activities.

Ergonomics to power

Polar, designed by Jorge Pensi Design Studio, is an operative chair that guarantees maximum customisation in terms of ergonomics thanks to its simple and intuitive integrated mechanisms. It is characterised by an organic shape designed to adapt to the human body. It is a dynamic object with a clear identity, able to fit into different operating contexts such as offices, multifunctional spaces and homes, which are increasingly hybrid and evolving. The backrest is composed of an injection-moulded nylon structure to which a breathable and flexible polyester mesh is attached, giving transparency from an aesthetic point of view. An injection-moulded polypropylene element is placed near the lumbar region and can be adjusted according to the user's needs. For maximum customisation, this element can be upholstered with the same fabric as the seat. The seat is made of polyurethane foam and, thanks to a mechanism that allows its movement, its depth can be adjusted. A modern synchronised self-weighting mechanism, capable of autonomously adjusting the intensity of the oscillation according to the user's body weight, also guarantees this operative chair adaptability and extreme comfort. Polar is available in a chair or armchair version, the latter with armrests in an essential design, adjustable in height, depth, width and swivelling to suit the user. The performance of the mechanisms makes the Polar armchair compliant with Class A of the UNI EN 1335-1:2020 standard, ensuring the principles of ergonomics and well-being in working environments.

Flexibility and dynamism

Designed by Pedrali and Claudio Bellini, Elinor Low Back is an extension of the Elinor executive chair. The new version features a lower backrest and is designed for meeting rooms, operative offices and homes. Dynamic, flexible and attentive to people's wellbeing, this armchair relies on an essential yet recognisable design, guaranteeing optimum efficiency performance thanks to intelligent components that are at the cutting edge while remaining out of sight, as they are integrated into the seat. Elinor low back has an elegant die-cast aluminium base characterised by a fluid shape and is height adjustable. A synchronised self-weighting mechanism integrated in the upholstered seat, which independently adjusts the intensity of the oscillation according to the user's body weight, keeps the back in a more comfortable position. A light, thin and strong die-cast aluminium armrest, which can also be painted in different colours, outlines the base of the backrest through a fluid and continuous line that expresses the attention to detail characteristic of this creation.