Modulmarmo is a Margraf product that speaks of a modern way of using natural stones: sustainable, waste-proof and very flexible in use

The marble industry has changed in a surprising way in recent years. Without great fanfare, but with an iron will to become a sector capable of conforming to contemporary standards. For example, by becoming more sustainable, with production solutions that use every part of the excavated stone. Modulmarmo, the low thickness modular tiles by Margraf, are the result of this evolution. A change of perspective that has deep roots in the respect and love that those who work with stones have for the quarries and the material that is extracted from them.

Custom made and "shapeless" blocks

The excavation results in both very valuable blocks that will be used for custom made installations, and the so-called "shapeless" blocks. A somewhat simplistic adjective to describe a part of material that actually has in all respects the same quality as the most "noble" and large blocks, but is not useful for tailor-made installation projects.

Modular tiles

In the Margraf factory in Badia Calavena, in the Verona area, these blocks are transformed into modular tiles of standard sizes, with reduced dimensions and thicknesses, ready for use. Production technology has speeded up and rationalized the manufacturing processes, so that Modulmarmo is a valid alternative to the use of large-format slabs.

Sustainable cycles

Thickness and reduced weight have a great advantage in many environments, both for installation and for maintenance and the life cycle of the architecture. They also make the entire Margraf logistics more sustainable, which for years has been engaged in a transition to more sustainable cycles. Only cardboard for deliveries and extremely careful management of raw materials focused on the rational use of marble.

A wide range

The Modulmarmo catalog includes about thirty different marbles in six modular dimensions for a waste-free installation and the invention of contemporary patterns that play down the classicism of the material. There are different stones, some rare such as Fior di Pesco Carnico® coming from a single quarry in the world, in Forni Avoltri in the province of Udine. A marble with an iridescent surface that fades from gray to white to pink in a subtle and refined vein. But the Modulmarmo collection is also made up of more classic products such as Arabella Beige, Rosso Asiago and Giallo Reale. Stones that integrate better into traditional and neutral interior designs.