For over 10 years Active Surfaces® has been a new idea of surfaces: smart, safe, ecological

Between irony and provocation it could be said that, if the floor is Active Surfaces®, you can also eat safely. This is stated by one of the latest food contact certifications issued by the BELAC body, which opens up new uses for this Made in Italy product. A further demonstration that industry and design, together with science, can transform a common product into an extraordinary project.

Durability and resistance

The eco-active Active Surfaces® ceramics by Iris Ceramica Group exploit the photocatalytic properties of titanium dioxide which, combined with silver, transforms the simple ceramic slab into an eco-active material with antibacterial and antiviral, anti-pollution, anti-odour and self-cleaning properties certified according to ISO standards. In addition, thanks to the presence of silver, the effectiveness of Active Surfaces® remains throughout the life cycle of the ceramic slabs, thus ensuring durability and resistance.

Wellness at the center

The application in domestic and collective spaces - wellness, hospitality, catering, healthcare - is tested. But there are also unpublished examples of use, such as at the Cantina di Soave headquarters or the new Cybernet System Co headquarters in Tokyo. Surfaces with innovative properties that protect health, air quality, and ensure ease of maintenance, are ideal for any architectural or interior design project that puts human well-being at the center of their interests. Active Surfaces® materials, which have been on the market for over ten years, are used in both design and architecture for indoor and outdoor.

Antiviral and antibacterial actions

The innovative technology of Active Surfaces® transforms the ceramic slab into a material with cutting-edge performance in terms of antimicrobial characteristics. For example, the antiviral and antibacterial action exceeds 90% and is also effective against SARS-CoV-2, responsible for Covid-19, which is eliminated 94% after only 4 hours of exposure to natural or artificial light. Guaranteed efficacy even in the absence of light, as demonstrated by recent tests conducted in collaboration with the University of Milan.

Food contact proof

However, Research and Development does not stop, on the contrary the Active Surfaces® project is constantly evolving and the subject of further studies. A testimony is given by the certifications in the "food contact" field which demonstrate how the Iris Ceramica Group active ceramics can also be used in direct contact with food with maximum safety in domestic and even industrial and professional applications.

The collections

There are four Active Surfaces® collections in the catalog. Marble Active presents the most original marble colors, Pietra di Basalto is an elegant and sophisticated version proposed in five shades. Urban Active is designed for more contemporary spaces, both in the porcelain stoneware version and in the version for coverings. Uni Active focuses on a bright and neutral color scheme, for contemporary interior projects in which the brightness of the space is fundamental. In addition to the catalog collections, the company offers this active finish for a wide range of materials marketed by its brands.