The company of wooden floors and furnishings with an ecological vocation and the latest collection inspired by urban architecture

“When I was a child, I used to accompany my father who made hardwood floors in the forests. The trees to be cut were chosen, but at the time a different ecological awareness was already forming. Cutting down trees was a gesture that saddened me and I thought I never wanted to do the same thing. I said to myself: it's like hurting nature. I had not yet understood that the forest must be looked after and that a raw material originates from that care which, if not used, is wasted or, in the worst case scenario, contributes to worsening the carbon footprint".

Attention to the environment

Words by Patrizio Dei Tos, CEO of Itlas, a leading company in the production of two and three-layer wooden floors, founded in 1988 in Cordignano, in the province of Treviso, and which has always based its business on attention to the environment , starting from the search for a strictly controlled raw material. In fact, all the wood used by Itlas comes from forests managed in a correct and responsible way. Specialized in the production of pre-finished wooden floors, made entirely in Italy, Itlas has for some years expanded the range of proposals, placing on the market products that are able to respond to the needs of those who furnish three hundred and sixty degrees.

Design, shapes, styles and patterns

It is from the innovative spirit of a pioneer of sustainability that comes Metropolitan Frames, the collection of furniture resulting from the fascination for the architecture of three metropolises that inspired Matteo Bianchi, owner of the studio of the same name. Frame means frame, frame, structure: many meanings that move between space, movement and design. Metropolitan Frames is inspired by the relationship between furniture design and the distinctive shapes, styles and patterns of some metropolises. Three world-famous districts lend their character to the new Itlas living collection which is expressed through lines, surfaces and materials.

Heart and soul

Monti, in particular, celebrates life in its temporal and eternal meaning, thanks to the circular systems that are par excellence a symbol of existence, heart and soul. Matteo Bianchi explains: "When you are in Rome, do as the Romans do, it is a popular saying. Our Monti table speaks of the historic district of the capital bringing home the delicate features of the Colosseum. Monti celebrates life through the use of circular systems which are a natural indication of existence, heart and soul. Monti adapts to any project by hosting an elegant mix of shapes and style ".

Tailor-made solutions

Itlas design comes from collaborations with internationally renowned architects, from Marco Casamonti to Doriana and Massimiliano Fuksas, passing through Claudio Silvestrin, Pietro Carlo Pellegrini and Mario Botta. The company has adapted the wood to the production of customized solutions for any living space, from coatings to furniture to bathroom furnishings.

From the trunk to the floor

The peculiarity of the company, which differentiates it from other Italian brands of wooden floors, is on the one hand the choice to concentrate all production in Italy, on the other hand the choice to work the product from start to finish, from the trunk to the flooring. In fact, the entire supply chain is located in Itlas' production spaces, from the storage of logs to shipping, passing through the sawmill, warehouse, production and painting. In this way the company is able to follow the life cycle of the product in all its evolution. For passion, for company philosophy and above all to give the final consumer the certainty of a unique and inimitable quality of materials, workmanship and projects.