The brand returns to the office sector with a great new addition: Setting Colours. An innovative palette for the numerous novelties presented

Mara is back at Orgatec with a revolution in the office world. A work on colour and the creation of an innovative and original palette as well as a series of novelties that promise to become a new classic and give every work environment, whether domestic or collective, a highly innovative aesthetic. Mirroring the times, which increasingly want hybrid spaces capable of integrating different functions, not only performative but also social, communication and, above all, well-being.

New tables, new seating

Follow is a collection of sit-stand, multifunctional, space-saving tables on wheels and adjustable in height with a patented mechanical system that represents Mara's innovative (and sustainable) core business. It is expanded in 2022 with Follow Meeting Large, characterised by particularly generous dimensions (with a top of up to 3 metres) and a double steel base, which won the Innovation Award at Orgatec. Another important innovation is Follow Meeting Cone, a softer version of the classic Follow Meeting with central column, with a conical base also designed for residential spaces. Icon, on the other hand, is the new, exclusive collection of upholstered chairs designed by Marcello Ziliani and Mara's R&D team, which is already an icon, ready to cross the boundary between home office and institutional spaces. Clear, modern profiles, aided by abundant cushioning and the movement of the backrest, which is deliberately separated from the seat, configure the hybrid chair par excellence, ideal in front of a desk as well as at a dining table.

Bookcase and drawer modules

Ta the other novelties, the complete presentation of the B302 System. Born as a single steel bookcase module designed by Francesco Barbi, it expands into horizontal or vertical compositions with the addition of the B302 Roll drawer unit on wheels, the B302 Bench with upholstered cushion, and the B302 Desk version with integrated worktop.

Deep red

The leitmotif of all new products is the colour red, chosen in a series of variants that suggest ease and creativity. A decisive turn, which brings Mara into the contemporary in a deflagrating and convincing way. Red is muted by plum tones, lightened by oranges and combined with chalky blues: a combination that creates an informal and sophisticated ambience.

We asked Laura Marchina, managing director of Mara, to tell us the story of Setting Colours.

How was the palette for Setting Colours chosen?

The choice of the palette for Setting Colours was the result of careful and in-depth research into the latest colour trends, but not only. Our aim was to present products which, through their transversality, were able to bring the functionality of the office into the home and the comfort of the home into the office. Our new chromatic interpretation made of colours and contrasts wants to show that even a technical and functional product can become an iconic and distinctive element capable of furnishing and giving rhythm to the space.

Is the turn towards strong, distinctive colours also dictated by the home/office hybridisation?

We have made our expertise in contemporary interiors aimed at operability and sociability available also for the home environment, which increasingly converges these activities within its walls. The minimalist and colourful design of Mara products dialogues with the most diverse furnishing styles and with environments ranging from living to dining, from sleeping area to study. This is why, in recent years, we have decided to expand the range of colours and finishes with colours and materials that could be adapted to domestic design.

How has the range been expanded?

One of our strengths has always been the possibility of customising products with a wide range of colours and finishes. Warm, natural, earthy colours. These include the colours of the new Loto Recycled collection of chairs, made of recycled polypropylene from the regeneration of certified post-consumer plastics. With the introduction of the ICON upholstered seating family into the collection, on the other hand, we have also expanded the textile materials, with wools and fabrics in pleasant, trendy colours.

Orgatec is an important test bed. How was the new collection received?

Mara's presentation at Orgatec was a great success: we presented extensive and innovative new collections for the office, home office and community spaces. The public appreciated the company's know-how, both innovative and technological, in a context that enhanced design, functionality and beauty with products capable of adapting to all types of environments.