Defined as the BG 2.0, the new 54 'is the confirmation of Bluegame's continuous search for innovation. Where space is maximized, navigation is safe, fast and in full respect of the marine environment

A new way to experience the sea. A new style of navigation that focuses on the link between man and the sea thanks to innovation, sustainability and authenticity combined with a precise vision entrepreneurial.

These are the values ​​of Bluegame (brand of the Sanlorenzo group, one of the main shipyards world producers of yachts and superyachts,) which offers boats from 42 to 72 feet in length, with the original combination of different souls and unique layouts, capable of combining aesthetics, practicality, style, comfort. And also sportiness.

Entrusted to the managerial guidance of the ceo Carla Demaria, it represents the intuition of the founder, the architect and Olympic sailor Luca Santella, who brought all his professional and sporting experience aboard motoryachts.

BG54 represents the latest proposal and is the confirmation of Bluegame's continuous search for innovation. From the design point of view, the external lines are the result of the collaboration of Luca Santella with the Zuccon International Project studio that follows the entire Bluegame line.

Keeping all the fundamental values ​​of each Bluegame project incorporated, the BG54 is the demonstration that size does not matter: in these 16.57 meters long by 4.85 meters, Bernardo Zuccon has worked to make the most of space and its relationship with man.

So in the bow and stern areas the feeling is that of having an amplified space, without compromise. On deck the cockpit is open to 360 degrees, the hardtop is equipped with an oversized sundeck for a boat of this size and the wheelhouse remains unsurpassed in terms of maximum visibility thanks to the reverse windshield.

The interiors are conceived in a spatial continuum with the outside, eliminating barriers, so that each space is in close contact with the sea, making navigation an immersive and all-encompassing experience.

Flexibility and versatility also in the layout that offers two or three cabins in addition to that of the sailor. The width of the master is impressive, which is full-beam: it means that occupies the entire width of the boat, a feature that is absolutely not obvious on boats of this length.

Characterized by a refined design, keeping faith with the stylistic tradition of all Bluegame yachts, recognized for the safety of navigation in any sea conditions, also BG54 is the expression of experience of their designer Luca Santella who thought of boats that, while maintaining a great respect for the sea, are safe, reliable and performing (35 knots!).

The hull, born from the collaboration with the naval architect Lou Codega, renowned for its highly performing hulls, is characterized by the optimal balance of weights and volumes, which makes the boat easy to maneuver, which is also a guarantee of safety.

Attention also, and above all, to sustainability, driver of design decisions and in line with the lines dictated by the HTS Lab (High Technology and Sustainability) of the Sanlorenzo parent company.

Hence, the use of the most efficient propulsion systems to reduce fuel consumption and emissions, weight and volume control (see the Volvo IPS used on board BG54), the infusion lamination process which for some parts includes the use of molds that are 80% recycled and recyclable, the special thermal insulation of the windows.