Luxury through the careful choice of essences, finishes and details. Relaxing atmospheres, full of charm and timeless, for an owner who loves the art of receiving. A challenge for the Sicilian architect who in record time gave a new style imprint to a classic 50-meter Benetti

A job in record time. Only 4 and a half months to rethink the interior design of a 50-meter Benetti. His owner, as soon as the purchase was finalized, wanted a restyling in a short time.

To do this, he chose Giuseppina Arena, a Sicilian architect by birth but an international professional with almost thirty years of experience in all-round interior design but in particular in the yacht design, and with a consolidated experience in prestigious shipyards, which has accepted this professional challenge with great enthusiasm.

Giuseppina Arena, who assists her clients between her studios in Rome and Miami, has delivered a timely project, satisfying the wishes of this young owner, eager to experience his yacht by the date requested by him.

Thanks to the determination, professionalism and competence of the studio team and obviously the support of the shipyard and the positive synergy with the customer, the M/Y 50 meters Benetti Bombay, has been reborn to new life and will be delivered to its owner in the times.

"The refit project of the 50M Benetti was a real challenge both from the stylistic-design point of view and from that of the timing", says Giuseppina, "the original interiors were very simple; the customer, on the other hand, wanted a style particularly rich and more sophisticated and in stylistic coherence with various other properties, especially in the hotel industry, in order to create a common thread between them.

The yacht in its new guise had to be suitable for the reception of many guests in the most extreme luxury and elegance. The design interventions concerned all the outdoor areas, the main deck, the upper deck, while the guest cabins on the lower remained original.

"First we completely redesigned the salon main, creating an open area to receive the many friends. Here one of the challenges was to install a particular chandelier whose design gave rise to many problems given the limited height of the bridge: so we had to find a solution that would give the luminous and luxurious effect but containing its thickness".

In the bar, velvet bands and golden metal profiles enrich the counter while the background wall is enriched with gold-colored metal grids and mirrors with an antique finish combined with gray/black mirrors, which together create a particular checkerboard effect.

Two main essences were chosen, a dark almost black and a light one both with a 100% gloss finish, alternating to obtain refined light / dark effects, harmonized by gold-colored metal profiles re-proposed and declined in various shapes and geometries in many of the onboard environments. The shape of the rhombus is the leitmotif of the boat and is repeated almost everywhere in fabrics, silk-screened and antiqued mirrors, in the backlit opals on the ceiling.

For the bulkheads, elegant boiserie and a selection of fine fabrics by Rubelli, ZR and were chosen Armani House. The sliding doors are in milk opal glass with gold-colored profiles on the inside that create a design that resembles the style of liberty windows.

"Everything has been specially designed even the free standing furniture of the main and upper salon have been customized both in the geometries and in the materials, such as the chairs of the gigantic table on the sun deck that it can accommodate up to 22 people A harmonious décor with a great coherence of style between indoor and outdoor.

" For me it is important that everything flows both in colors and shapes, and I always try to create harmony in my projects that instills serenity in those who live in the environments I have designed: it is essential that the guest on board you will find comfort and tranquility through the right combination of elements and that the style is timeless with a few touches of refinement".

Like the 'Fumoir' area aft of the sun deck furnished with capitonné sofas where the owner, passionate about cigars, wines and fine spirits, can relax with his guests in great style. As in the golden days of the ancient cruise ships.