The Ligurian shipyard also enters the world of sports boats. With a new project that combines innovation, sustainability and design. And interiors designed for maximum usability, designed by Piero Lissoni

It is a different proposal that of Sanlorenzo with its new SP110.

Advanced, evolved and which opens a new chapter both for the shipyard and in the yachting sector, as it combines innovation, sustainability and design. In addition, with the SP110 project, Sanlorenzo also enters the world of boats sporting boats.

To create it, an exceptional team: Bernardo Zuccon of the Zuccon International Superyacht studio, which for some time has established a fruitful collaboration with the shipyard of Ameglia, he worked on the styling of the exteriors with Tilli Antonelli (a powerful name in the nautical sector that today follows the product development in Sanlorenzo); Marco Arnaboldi architect and naval engineer, who followed the hull design by studying an extremely efficient hull.

The minimalist and refined interiors, on the other hand, bear the signature of Piero Lissoni, who for some years has also been the art director of the Ligurian shipyard.

The Zuccon studio for exteriors has created new styles that strongly identify the new range, but in line with the tradition of Sanlorenzo. He thought of new shapes, with proportions, lines and a livery that comes close to the colors of sports boats. It is fundamental how the design determines the performance of the boat here.

The name speaks for itself, SP or Smart Performance. More precisely, it means ensuring seaworthiness and speed with maximum energy efficiency. And this thanks to a fractional propulsion made up of three (smaller) motors that come into action as needed (a single motor, a pair or all three), at different autonomy and depending on the speed. set. And above all by optimizing consumption.

The hull of Studio Arnaboldi also contributes to the efficiency of performance, ideal for use with waterjet propulsion, whose water lines have been drawn with a side with double edge for greater performance and comfort even in rough seas.

To make the hull efficient, materials lightened contribute, such as the laminated glass used for the large surfaces of the windows, which cover almost 80% of the boat.

Finally, the boat is complete with a energy recovery system that uses high efficiency monocrystalline solar panels flanked by a lithium battery pack that allows you to maintain the onboard functions without the use of generators.

The design of the deckhouse (the superstructure) was specially designed for the application of solar panels without disturbing the aesthetics of the boat's profile.

The interiors designed by Piero Lissoni are conceived in the name of maximum livability and favor both conviviality and privacy . The original layout includes the wheelhouse on the upper deck where there is also a large living area.

The deck plan is lowered and allows you to enjoy the lower deck which has a view of the aft living area and the sea. From the aft deck you can access the lower lounge on the main deck. All solutions that allow a total union between inside and between inside and outside. One of the most significant areas is at the bow: a protected area, equipped with a dining area and a large sunbathing area.

For the interiors, Lissoni has proposed a minimalist style that perfectly matches the philosophy of the general project of SP110 characterized by an elegant, refined and essential aesthetic.