Marc Sadler designs Soul for Treesse, a compact, linear mini-pool ideal for the home and exclusive contract spaces

Marc Sadler loves technical challenges and the new Soul bathtub by Treesse is the result of this passion. An innovative product because it adapts easily to different environments due to its compact dimensions and rationality of volumes, from the luxurious hotel salle de bain to the private space of the home. However, it integrates the performance of a professional hydromassage and the effectiveness of a mini SPA.

Contemporary sculpture

"Its clean lines, brought to full light thanks to the innovative Ghost technology, an exclusive Treesse patent, transform it into a contemporary sculpture of rare beauty, to be contemplated in the round, a precious casket where one can find calm and recharge oneself with new energy," explain Treesse.

Hidden jets and technical parts

The Soul bathtub is the latest application of the Ghost patent, a system of invisible jets integrated into the perimeter of the tub and 'masked' by LED lights for colour therapy. A technical solution designed by Marc Sadler to create a formally revolutionary Treesse product line a few years ago.

Maximum integration

All technical parts - augers, drain and overflow - are integrated inside the spa. A contrivance that translates into a clean, essential geometric line and into dimensions that are very different from the ordinary, smaller and suitable for any domestic space. The chromotherapy function is resolved by a continuous blade of light around the perimeter of the spa, a solution that emphasises the uniformity of the surface and a different whirlpool experience.

Professional performance

"Avoiding redundant shapes with a simpler, more linear design in an aesthetic, which can easily migrate from residential to contract by attracting users other than the professional market, was a formal exercise that was not easy but very satisfying!" comments Marc Sadler. "Like certain iconic small cars that come with powerful engines and luxury finishes, the Soul - designed for the home or the more private spaces of the spa and hospitality world - has all the features of Treesse's high-end products. So level sensor, temperature stabiliser, disinfection system, chromotherapy, Bluetooth and electronic tub emptying, all integrated in the famous Ghost system characterised by the thin perimeter slit that houses the invisible hydromassage system.