The result of the collaboration between Advanced Yachts, Reichel/Pugh and Nauta Design, the third Advanced 80 is a sailboat with large volumes that ensures the comfort of a home. With all the performance of a sailboat born to go around the world

Mindfulness is a boat with sober and discreet elegance but full of intimate refinement. All the elements of the project are balanced and aimed at the search for a beauty that goes beyond the timeline.

It is a generous boat offering spaces and layouts that are hard to find on an 80 feet (23.98 meters). A fresh boat with bright interiors, with the internal square developed on two levels with a view everywhere towards the outside, and a color palette determined by light oak, interrupted by accents of dark oak interrupted only for the purpose of better delimiting the different areas of use.

Despite this, the A80 remains a sports boat, streamlined, balanced. Mindfulness is the third example of a line of defined blue water cruisers: i.e. boats born to sail long thought expressly from the shipyard Advanced Yachts, founded 13 years ago by Antonella Di Leo and her husband MarcoTursini, with the aim of building a few semi-custom yachts a year, exclusive and made to measure for the owner ; boats cut like a tailored suit, as comfortable as homes and designed for the family, but also capable of great performance.

Mindfulness was created to go around the world, created according to the Advanced philosophy, to combine a refined style, comfort, safety and performance.

It is thanks to these principles that Advanced Yachts has created a space on the market in a short time.

“We were born in 2010, very difficult years, but with the Advanced 66, our first model, we were able to offer something innovative, something that didn't exist. And this has rewarded us”, says Antonella Di Leo, co-founder of Advanced Yachts.

“The Advanced 80s took shape from the desire to create a range of blue water cruisers that are more modern than those on the market; the start was given to us by the Chinese owner of the first unit who fell in love with this project capable of combining great performance and the extreme comfort of a 'villa on the sea'.

And the construction is all rigorously Made in Italy with natural materials. Wood, linen, wool, cotton, water-based paints, natural and ecological glues, everything is chosen with great attention in respect of the environment.

Mindfulness is the result of the collaboration between Advanced Yacht, the naval architecture studio Reichel/Pugh, known for the top performance of its boats both on cruises and in regattas and Nauta Design, the internationally recognized Milanese firm that developed the deck and interior design.

“Design for us is not just aesthetics or innovation, but it is also synonymous with functionality and safety”, Di Leo points out.

Thanks to a delicate and refined formal balance, the semi-raised deckhouse (i.e. the superstructure) is integrated into the hull and ends aft of the mast, thus leaving the foredeck space totally clear. Inside, the living of the square is a bright environment with a view of the outside and of the sea unique for a sailboat, which in addition to having a scenographic effect is also a safety factor.

At the stern, the night area for the guests takes advantage of the large beam (width) and the extraordinary volumes, also in height, of the hull: two double cabins followed by the full-beam owner's, where the a long, deep desk overlooking the sea.