The installation by Michele De Lucchi and ADML Circle for Azimut Yachts recounts the beauty of nature and urges the visitor to preserve its integrity

It is the spirit of the explorer that animates the new Magellan 60 and respects the philosophy of the series to which it belongs.

Magellan: a powerful and evocative name for a line created by Azimut in 2007 with the intention of giving life to the first crossover of the sea, a boat created to reach distant destinations.

An aptitude for travel that starts from a semi-planing hull, which allows you to navigate at low speeds, but also to face more sustained rhythms and rough seas. But in complete comfort, with elegant stylistic solutions, large and airy spaces on board, with particular attention to consumption and environmental impact.

Contemporary style, refined and elegant design, recently renewed by the skilful pencil of Ken Frievokh, also father of the entire line, define Magellano 60. The The external lines are the iconic ones of the Magellano Series: clean and elegant, with the teak flabellums as a distinctive element.

The desire to maintain contact with the sea is visible at the stern, where for the first time on a boat of this size the cockpit becomes a real terrace, with the transparent glass parapet, it penetrates seamlessly into the living area of the main deck, becoming an extension of it.

It is the heart of life on board, a welcoming space, but also reserved and romantic and versatile, which, depending on the occasion, transforms from a lounge for aperitifs to an outdoor dining area open with double head of the table.

The interiors are a riot of light and airiness: everywhere the dialogue in and out is constant and the view of the horizon is uninterrupted. Like the privileged one offered by the dinette placed next to the full-height window, resulting in an intimate place with its special view of the sea.

The study of natural light was careful, which enters forcefully from the large side windows illuminating the interiors and plays its role well by enhancing the color palette ton sur ton for atmospheres of great calm and relaxation.

The Cinder oak, the only essence on the edge, brushed and with grey warm colours, goes perfectly with the lacquered elements clear ivory and white, with bronze details.

While Vienna straw decorations give touches of refinement to the interior scheme, creating atmospheres suspended in time. Atmospheres that also continue in the three guest cabins in the sleeping area, for a magical feeling of calm and relaxation.

Magellan 60, which sails safely and in complete comfort at a cruising speed of 18 knots, can reach peaks of up to 26 knots. The R&D office of the Azimut|Benetti Group has brought to the Magellano 60 a special high-efficiency semi-planing Dual Mode hull designed to optimize consumption and emissions, especially at low and medium speeds.

The Magellano 60 is going to be one of the stars at the 2023 Cannes Yachting Festival.