The Ancona shipyard is celebrating an important anniversary, made up of innovations and moments that have revolutionized the yachting industry. And, with the collaboration of expert craftsmen and great designers, it has opened up new avenues for yacht design

When it comes to prestige, luxury and elegance in the yachting field, one cannot help but think of the CRN. Because in its warehouses in Ancona the most beautiful dreams of shipowners come to life, bringing with them research, innovation and that typical Made in Italy craftsmanship.

An all-Italian story made up of prestige and successes since 1963, the year of its foundation, and full of intuitions that have opened up new paths for the entire yachting industry.

Specialized in the design and construction of yachts up to 90 metres, CRN (since 1999 a brand of the Ferretti Group which brings together some of the most exclusive brands in the nautical world: Custom Line, Ferretti Yachts, Riva, Pershing, Itama , and Mochi and Wally) creates unique works in terms of design and very high naval engineering, immediately involving the most expert workers and the greatest international yacht designers.

They are creations conceived and made to measure for their owners, designed to adhere to their lifestyle like a tailored suit, thanks to the commitment of an internal team of project managers, engineers, project architects, technicians and highly qualified craftsmen and workers and the collaboration of international yacht designers.

CRN's history is made up of strategic encounters, conquests and avant-gardes such as the decision of its founder, Sanzio Nicolini, to introduce steel and aluminum as construction instead of wood.

The brand soon made itself known internationally to a selected customer, from the French Riviera to Greece and the Middle East.

The first collaborations begin with important design studios and stylistic elements are defined which sanction their immediate recognition, such as the prow designed with the 'prow edge' which from the 70s becomes a trademark.

It is precisely in the planning of the design, in the development of the naval architecture and in the engineering that the strength of CRN is felt and each new yacht marks a new goal achieved.

In the 80s even the lawyer Gianni Agnelli was fascinated by it and commissioned the M/Y F100 32.8 metres, the first true Explorer Yacht in the history of international yachting, also with helipad for the helicopter, and international designers collaborate with the shipyard, such as Terence strong> Disdale, who designs two iconic yachts, such as Il Vagabondo 61.20m 1986 and Awal II 65.30m 1990.

At the late 90s Numptia by Studio Scanu and François Zuretti introduces a 'round stern', which becomes famous all over the world.

In the 2000s CRN designed innovative solutions starting from the 'open stern', which brought man and sea closer together, implemented for the first time on CRN M/Y Ability 54m in 2006. Then it evolved in 2009 on Blue Eyes 60m with the folding tailgate and becoming a wonderful 'beach club' on the water.

In 2006 the 'balcony' also appears, a balcony that can also be used during navigation, on board Ability; on Maraya in 2007 it becomes a real terrace overlooking the sea.

The 60-metre J'ade (launched in 2012) is also a real revolution with the technical area of the garage which is transformed into an open-air living area and the garage can be flooded to let the yacht even a tender!

In 2013 the 80-metre Chopi Chopi won the title of CRN flagship and domotics went on board the yachts with a cutting-edge multimedia system.

The 55-metre Atlante amazed in 2015 with her military look but above all with an innovative multi-purpose area aft of the main deck which transforms from a tender garage into a also become a large and comfortable cinema room, or a large open-air party area.

In 2018 the 50m Latona embodies all the most important design solutions developed and implemented by CRN. All concepts that continue to fascinate wealthier owners as demonstrated by the latest launches of 2022: RIO, 62 metres, CIAO, 52 meters and Comfortably Numb, 60 metres. Wonderful floating villas.