The new project joins the successful family of the Navetta line by Custom Line, enhancing versatile, comfortable and airy spaces. For a unique contact with the sea and an unprecedented on-board experience

It is a feeling of great freedom that the new project by Custom Line (brand of the Ferretti Group).

Custom Line Navetta 38 was, in fact, designed to maximize the use of space on the four decks. And not just outside. The whole concept is created to move smoothly, without obstacles and refreshed by the sea breeze. Everywhere.

The new proposal is the result of the collaboration between the Strategic Product Department, chaired by Ing. Piero Ferrari, and the Engineering Department of the Ferretti Group making use of the creativity of the architect Filippo Salvetti for the exteriors and the architecture studio ACPV Architects Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel for the interior design project.

A new 38-metre concept (whose first unit is under construction) which joins a successful family of displacement boats that began with the Custom Line Navetta 30 (already launched) and with the forthcoming Custom Line Navetta 50 in aluminum and which continues with the search for maximum rationalization of space, volumes and comfort, which have always been elements of the Custom Line DNA.

The stylistic feature of the exteriors is defined by a timeless classicism time. Simple, harmonious, elegant lines, the legacy of a nautical tradition that also incorporates modern trends, for a timeless style.

To emphasize the concept of continuity and the link between boat and sea, large full-height windows, which illuminate the interiors and also give a lot of character to the external line of the boat, and railings (used in the cockpit of the main deck and in the forward area of the sundeck) made entirely in glass (just like in the balconies of the current residences).

Great attention is paid to the external areas: the beach club for example and the cockpit on the main deck cover over 70 m2 of surface area and a modular freestanding furniture system allows you to think of the area as a multifunctional space, on the water's edge .

Then, depending on the needs, two gunwales (the edges of the hull) fall on the sea, dilating the spaces to the maximum, making the beach club a particularly practical area as well as being one of the most important innovations of the project .

Maximum flexibility also in the interiors, designed to guarantee maximum use of the spaces. The interior design, created by the ACPV Achitects Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel studio in collaboration with Custom Line Atelier, is developed on the refinement of details and the use of precious materials and natural textures (hide and leather, linen and parchment) for finishes and coverings, with custom designed furnishings and made with great skill craftsmanship of the shipyard's workers.

Two moods are proposed: a more contemporary one, with the cold tones of light blue and blue, and one with a warmer and more enveloping palette.

For the first unit, her owner chose a neutral mood, which emphasizes the link with nature by using soft colors such as sand and the 'ivory. As proof of the shipyard's maximum willingness to create unique works.