For over 25 years, the company founded by Fabio Signorelli has been proposing customized water solutions that make the swimming pool, both on board and on land, a tailor-made place of well-being

On land as on board, having a personal pool of water in which you can immerse yourself when you want, is equivalent to knowing you can access your own intimate and rewarding relaxation area.

Not just function, then. The swimming pool has always been a place of well-being which materializes a dream of many, at home or on a mega yacht.

For 26 years Edilfare Piscine has been designing solutions in which water is left free to flow and create scenographies which become part of the architecture and integrate into the landscape. Much more than simple swimming pools, but complements that bring added value to the lifestyle, even on board.

In the nautical sector, Edilfare Piscine offers custom and luxury swimming pools and mini-pools made with steel, glass, mosaic, domotic operation and natural water treatments.


The difference, first of all, is recognized in the service. The design by Edilfare Piscine brings with it an essential attention to the customer's request, which becomes the starting point for the creation of tailor-made solutions.

Every swimming pool is customized: because on board, as on land, not every area is suitable for hosting a pool of water. Naturally due to the architectural predisposition of the boat, but also in function of an optimization of the quality of experience: immersing yourself in the water is, first of all, a moment of well-being he deserves the best plausible predisposition.

Edilfare Piscine reserves particular design precision also for the research of the aesthetics of each proposal: over the years, the company founded by Fabio Signorelli has stood out for its propensity for a fascinating minimalism, capable of enhancing the transparency of the dream of water. The refined forms, with sinuous lines and dynamic and never flat movement, are combined with the search for sensorial materiality. Among the most interesting novelties, some cladding solutions proposed with natural-effect 'touch' PVC membranes.

The figure of the pool consultant

In addition to the swimming pool there is more. Personalization means specificity, and this is precisely the characteristic that leads Edilfare Piscine not to stop at the mere design of aquatic silhouettes and innovative materials.

Over the years, the company has inaugurated a new service, which implements the construction and installation of swimming pools, and which introduces the figure of the pool consultant, a professional complementary to the architect who supports him during the design phase. Thanks to the consultancy service, Edilfare Piscine's tailor made solutions are not limited to aesthetics (an aspect to which it nevertheless attaches fundamental importance), but package the proposal in such a way as to offer the best user experience.

Water, synonymous with abundance and prosperity

The consultancy package that accompanies the design phase concerns precisely the deepening of the environmental positioning of the swimming pools.

Thanks to the partnership with the top international Feng Shui experts, who have been involved in the research, training and development of authentic Feng Shui for over 20 years, Edilfare Piscine consultancy maximizes the well-being effect through the construction methods, working with the belief that the swimming pool can contribute to revolutionizing lifestyle and improving relationships within the home.

The objective of this operation is to evaluate the quality and energy of the space chosen by the client. The evaluation of the most suitable areas for the positioning of the pool, the most suitable shape and any corrective interventions of existing works are made considering the principles of this fascinating discipline.

Made in Italy and eco-sustainability

With an all-Italian history, Edilfare Piscine has been promoting excellence in the sector for 26 years: based in Bergamo, over time it has been the subject of numerous nominations for awards such as the Italian Pool Award, or the annual company award as the best Italian Pool Specialist, which he achieved this year for the seventh consecutive time.

In the name of the always high quality, the Bergamo-based company pays meticulous attention to the use of non-polluting materials and substances. Examples are ozone and the 'Salts of Life', totally natural water treatments, made with mineral salts such as magnesium and potassium and innovative processes with exceptional properties for a result of health and well-being at 360 degrees.

In addition to being functional for the maintenance of the tub, the Sali della Vita, dissolved in the water, reproduce the healthy qualities of thermal waters.