In a golden moment for the sector, Interni On Board takes stock of the world of yachting, where design plays an increasingly important role

Interni On Board, the special that acts as a barometer for the yachting industry, is back in a particularly happy moment for the Italian nautical industry: signaling trends, new productions and collaborations design, technological developments and commitment to the creation of increasingly sustainable boats.

The moment, it was said, is flourishing: according to the study The State of the Art of the Global Yachting Market prepared by Deloitte for Confindustria Nautica, the market reached 52 billion euros in 2021 (3.6 in Italy) and, in 2022, it is estimated to have grown by double digits (between 15 and 20% globally, translated for Italy in a production value between 4.1 and 4.2 billion).

Driving this dynamic universe are superyachts, a sector in which our country is the second largest industry in the world: shipyards in fact are market leaders in Italy< /strong> in the production of 30-60 meter boats and consolidate their position on semi-custom superyachts with an average length of approximately 43 metres.

Our shipyards and yacht design studios are therefore universally recognized at an international level: and those who want a latest generation boat, attentive to consumption and responsible towards the environment, performing, safe and designed to be experienced as a home away from home, is aimed primarily at them.

These are not successes that are built one day with the other.

In fact, the credit for these awards goes to a long tradition that combines craftsmanship, expertise in materials, technological know-how and, of course, design. A heritage, combined with a strong drive towards innovation, technology and sustainability that has led Italy, in 2021, to conquer a share of the 49% of total global superyacht orders.

The interior design of boats has played a fundamental role in this growth.

It is no coincidence, in fact, that the world of nautical and furniture are increasingly connected: with boats that look more and more like houses on the sea, with indoors and outdoors interacting with each other, well-kept fittings, flexible and customizable solutions capable of adding that comfort that sea lovers do not want to give up by now.

It is in this panorama that Interni On Board 2023 fits: increasingly rich in content and focus on the most significant projects, our special brings industry enthusiasts insights, inspirations and useful considerations for make informed boating decisions.

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