It will be a new landing wonderland, an access gateway to the Red Sea. It is an island off the northwest coast of Saudi Arabia. Made entirely by the Florentine studio that had the vision and sartorially developed the masterplan, the architecture and all the interiors

It will be the new destination of extra luxury of the Red Sea. And a new landing place for yachts and superyachts coming from all over the world, including from Europe through the Suez Canal.

And it is part of the projects of Neom, the new smart city which should be built in 2025 in the opposite province of Tabuk, under the plan Saudi Vision 2030: an ecological masterplan, totally powered by renewable energy sources.

It is the island of Sindalah, off the northwest coast of Saudi Arabia, designed entirely by Luca Dini Design & Architecture, which had the vision and created the master plan, the entire architecture and all the interiors.

The international studio based in Florence is an expert in the creation of hyper-luxury projects, already established in the yachting field, and with all the know-how to range from yacht design to the architecture of residences private, villas and marinas up to the hôtellerie and master plans.

The island was born with the aim of being able to amaze those who have everything in life and are used to being amazed, offering tailored projects and innovative solutions.

"We have channeled all our experience of high-level yacht design into residential architecture, with that attention to detail and made to measure, with skill and by the best craftsmen, typical of the yachting sector", comments Luca Dini, founder of the Florentine studio.

“With this approach we started collaborating with Neom on several projects. In particular, our vision of Sindalah was successful and we were selected to design its master plan, including the architecture and interior design”.

With an innovative approach, proposing unique and unrivaled shapes and materials, created in collaboration with artisans and companies in the luxury sector. This with a view to the study of making the ordinary extraordinary.

The Sindalah project was born with the intention of being a new landing wonderland, an access gateway to the Red Sea.

It includes: a golf club and a prestigious marina with 86 berths for yachts up to 75 meters and berths for superyachts up to 180 meters. 3 luxury hotels are planned (including a Four Seasons resort and Saudi Arabia's first Autograph Collection hotel, as well as two Luxury Collection properties) with 400 ultra-premium rooms and 300 top-of-the-range suites.

Naturally, there will also be a wide range of avant-garde commercial shops of all kinds, and not even a prestigious yacht club of great effect.

The project adheres perfectly to the surrounding natural environment, with selected materials that replicate the colors of the sea, sky and sand on the island.

"The adoption of a series of cutting-edge technologies and solutions is envisaged to minimize any negative impact on the marine ecosystem", explains Dini. Sindalah will be Neom's first project to be completed. It will represent a new destination for owners looking for an alternative destination to the Caribbean during the winter.