The shipyard from Piacenza, famous for the production of sailboats, relies on the contamination between residential, product design and the nautical world, the search for new stimuli to arrive at even unusual solutions. Which they also transfer to his new motor yachts

Recognizability at a glance. A design of distinction that is inspired by architecture and residential design. Functional solutions with a high aesthetic impact at the same time. It is the research, or rather the mission of Mylius, cantiere boutique which was born in the Piacenza countryside.

Here take shape custom and semi-custom sailboats with a clean and balanced design, with high cruising comfort but with high sailing qualities, capable of ensuring excellent performance even in regattas. But not only.

Valentina Gandini, CEO of Mylius who harmoniously carries forward her passion for the sea with that of her family's entrepreneurial ability, is looking for a new identity for the brand and has very clear ideas: to give all Mylius boats their own soul.

To do this, he decided to turn to the world of residential and commercial architecture (housing/hospitality) and product design, an area in which to get ideas, suggestions but also functional solutions with a high aesthetic content.

To this end, he entrusted the Piacenza-based architecture studio Ugo Caragnano, a recognized name in civil and commercial architecture, with the task of implementing the proposals coming from Parisotto + Formenton (an interior studio to which the shipyard has relied for years - Aldo Parisotto, among other things, he is a sailor and has his own custom-made Mylius).

In practice, the architect Cagnano, together with the internal design team, translates the designers' concepts into reality, also remodeling them according to the owners' requests.

A perfect example of this teamwork is represented by the latest projects. The M72 is a new sailing racer-cruiser (i.e. a boat created for racing but also perfect for comfortable cruising) with a very innovative design that comes from the collaboration between the shipyard and the Shaun Carkeek yacht design studio, and the MY62, the first motor proposal from Mylius, designed by the Ceccarelli Yacht Design studio.

Both have interiors designed by the Parisotto + Formenton studio.

“I find this contamination between residential, product design and the nautical world very stimulating and profitable; it has also transformed the roles and skills involved in the project", explains Gandini, "also arriving at unusual solutions. It is no coincidence that our architect Caragnano says that we must: “Living in boating”.

This opening to the world of architecture makes it possible to create boats that increasingly explore the concept of attention to detail, with great attention to the selection of fabrics and materials and each time creating an environment that is not only comfortable, but also functional and with marked attention to design.

“The richness of the finishes and the craftsmanship in the execution are a necessity for us”, Valentina Gandini points out.

Concepts that relate well to the functionality and usability of spaces to give shape to an elegant object, balanced and designed to last over time.