The first superyacht holistically designed by the Milanese studio, Moonflower 72 is a project with clean and elegant lines, with a great connection between exterior and interior. And the presence of The Island'TM an exclusive patent that revolutionizes the contact between man and sea

It might seem like a paradox, but the dream 'Neverland' is becoming a reality.

Yes, because the Moonflower 72 project, a great holistic project by Nauta Design, is taking shape at Wider Superyacht Hub in Porto Marghera (near Venice). And in 2025 she will be ready for her owner.

You are not satisfied with having gained experience since 1986 in any type of boat, of any size, from tenders to gigayachts, sailing and motor, and always with the mission of creating functional 'objects' cut on a human scale, < strong>Massimo Gino and Mario Pedol, co-founders of the Milan-based yacht design studio, have thrown themselves into a new exciting adventure.

Moonflower 72 is in fact an innovative concept which, in addition to incorporating all the pluses of the sailing experience (such as the particular contact with the sea) in a motorized project, contains a patent exclusive. But it is also the first superyacht that Nauta Design designed entirely, interior and exterior, and holistically.

But let's go step by step. First of all, Moonflower 72 is defined by a design with line clean clean and elegant lines with a particular and harmonious connection between the exterior and interior.

“It is an imposing superyacht in steel and aluminum equipped with a latest generation Wider serial hybrid propulsion system”, explains Mario Pedol, “The external design, then, it is based on the holistic and balanced combination of style and comfort, with simple and elegant lines, devoid of superfluous or useless details that could interrupt the close relationship with nature and the marine environment”.

The profile has been meticulously cared for as well as the distribution of the external social spaces.

At first glance Moonflower 72 is in fact almost austere, it almost looks like a tapered knife blade cutting through the water. But its aggressive-looking longitudinal planes instead hide an unusual softness thanks to organic solutions, rounded folds and balanced volumes to achieve that ever-contemporary elegance that goes beyond the line of time and fashions. And in this the studio is truly a master.

Moonflower 72 also amazes with its 'The Island'™ patent, the innovative beach club created by Nauta Design, made up of several opening platforms which amplify the one dedicated to access to the sea and transform the beach club area into an enormous walkaround surface of no less than 117 m2.

What amazes in this concept are above all the internal areas, perfectly integrated with the external ones of the beach club. In this way, guests can freely and circularly walk around the entire perimeter surface of the stern for a very emotional contact with the sea and nature.

Finally, it should be highlighted how, for the construction of this project, Wider uses the most recent technologies in total respect for the environment.

In fact, great attention was paid to the recovery of the energy dispersed in the form of heat from the electric propulsion system, as well as the optimization of the operation of the on-board equipment to increase the efficiency and reduce consumption by using AI (Artificial Intelligence) to automatically respond to the habits of the owner, guests and crew.

Another important detail: for the design and construction of Moonflower 72m, the tricolor will proudly wave, being a product that is born totally Made in Italy!