Revolutionary, agile, elegant: the entry level of the asymmetrical yacht line is designed for owners particularly sensitive to the bond with the sea, who want bright and open spaces

In 2018 Sanlorenzo, the shipyard that has been building for over 60 years motoryacht of the highest quality, the result of the encounter between craftsmanship, design and advanced technologies, overturns the paradigms of boating by launching its first asymmetrical model, the SL102A, revolutionizing the canonical layout of a yacht and giving space to the interiors and direct contact with the sea.

Today, as evidence of the success of the asymmetry concept, the line can count on 3 models: the SL106A, the entry level SL90A and the SL120A.

The concept of this successful line was born from the encounter between two creatives with very different experiences and points of view: Chris Bangle, brilliant car designer, who launched the original idea , and Bernardo Zuccon, architect and yacht designer who made it concrete.

SL90A, a great design challenge, met with immediate success on the market.

The smaller dimensions have led to a significant commitment to stylistic and functional management which has made it possible to continue and consolidate the theme of asymmetry even on a yacht under 30 metres.

The architect of the whole project is the studio Zuccon International Project which harmoniously elaborated exterior and interior design, giving life to a coherent yacht, spread over 3 decks.

“At Sanlorenzo we have always strongly believed that courage and audacity are needed to introduce true innovations on the market”, explains Tommaso Vincenzi, president of the Sanlorenzo Yacht Division, “The concept of the he asymmetry was born from the desire to get out of the habits of what has always been a generally static and traditionalist sector.

We wanted to dare, undermine preconceptions and we demonstrated that it is possible to remain faithful to tradition and to our DNA even by overturning customs".

Thanks to the innovative layout, the SL90A maintains only the passage (the external corridor that leads from the stern to the bow) on the starboard side and eliminates the port one, which is brought onto the roof of the structure: in this way< strong> the saloon on the main deck increases in space and full-height side windows allow a direct view of the sea.

This asymmetrical configuration allows for a layout that sees the owner's cabin and main deck saloon on the same level (a solution normally adopted on large boats).

Externally, in full respect of the Sanlorenzo tradition, the lines are slender and sober, one-way windows (technological glass which, seen from the outside, is chromatically similar to the hull) integrated into the sides .

Inside, the rooms are bright and characterized by a warm color palette without excessive contrasts.

For this first unit, as evidence of how much Sanlorenzo is inclined to customization and customization of the yacht according to the owner's tastes, the Canaletto walnut used for structural furniture, walls and floors , is the common thread that goes well with the gray tones of leathers (with different grains), fabrics, metals and metallic lacquers.

Walnut slatted walls and mirrors create a harmonious movement and combined with other vertical elements, as in the owner's suite, give the sensation of dilating the space in height. Naturally, in full Sanlorenzo style, there are pieces of furniture selected from the catalogs of the best Italian brands.