Prestige electrical solutions for luxury boats: Tecnolite consultancy supports the architect in identifying the best stylistic and technological declination of Meljac customized switches

Born as a purely functional component to cover the electrical box, today switches are to all intents and purposes furnishing accessories that contribute to outlining the style of an environment.

It is a world that, if explored in depth, seems to have no boundaries: the finishes, materials and countless customization methods mean that the small portion of the surface that we usually call a 'plate' is today a piece of handcrafted design that brings character and prestige to boat environments.

Tecnolite has made this philosophy its core business, thanks to the passion and dedication to quality lighting from the founder, the light designer Alberto Orlandi, who chose to collaborate with André Bousquet in the 1990s and his company Meljac to bring the culture of luxury electrical accessories to Italy.

The added value of Tecnolite consultancy

With the experience gained over the years in being able to develop and propose prestigious solutions for luxury boats (but also residential and hôtellerie projects), Tecnolite supports the architect from the first design step: together with him, he identifies the best stylistic figure and advises him on the technical front.

Finally, to support for installers: Tecnolite therefore provides all-round advice for projects that contemplate the use of the Meljac product. A service refined over the years, to arrive at offering the best declination of use of the applied product.

Personalization of the plaque

Brass, in all its forms. We start from here to understand how Meljac works for Tecnolite: an indication that suggests the quality level of the product. The switches, which are all produced in France at the Paris headquarters of Meljac, are fully customizable in size and shape, in the finish and, even, in the destination.

For example, you can choose to insert a switch with double or single socket, small or maximum size of the box, 'teardrop' lever or recessed buttons, or other collections and types of levers and buttons proposed in many plate/lever colors /buttons.

Among the most interesting trends there is also the possibility of engraving: since each piece is handmade in the Paris factory (Meljac headquarters, where 90 people work every day to fulfill all the commissions from Europe and the USA, the owner can choose to customise the surface with his initials, a logo or even the wording of a function.

For Tecnolite, the concept of a switch as a mere functional object for switching on or off a device or a lighting system is outdated. Cabins, dehors, convivial or private spaces: the luxury solutions proposed enhance the personality of the environment.

A bordo, con Tecnolite

Quando si tratta di imbarcazioni, il progetto illuminotecnico deve tenere conto anche e soprattutto di una componente fondamentale: lo spazio. Ridotto al minimo, in termini di spessore dovuto alla poca profondità delle paratie, diventa un elemento determinante – spesso – anche nell’esclusione a priori di soluzioni adatte solo al residenziale.

Un vincolo che non fa per Tecnolite: l’azienda, che ha esperienza nel settore da diversi anni, affianca l’architetto e l’interior designer anche su questo fronte. Ideare e proporre soluzioni su misura, non solo dal punto di vista estetico ma anche tecnologico.