Wallpaper is once again the protagonist and is among the new trends for interior design. Ecological and functional, they have graphics that give profound suggestions to the environments. Even those on board

Entering an environment and feeling enraptured by unique and exciting graphics that are told through a plurality of new languages: sea waves, evanescent skies, wild forests that capture the eye and give dreamy atmospheres. These are the wallpapers by WallPepper®/Group, which transform any environment into an emotional place.

The new 2023 collection is a triumph of inspirational moodboards, which celebrates wall decoration not only as a creative element for dressing the surfaces of a place, indoors or outdoors, residential or contract, and giving it a touch of personality, making it engaging, but also to enhance it, with a resistant, durable and safe product.

"Today, wallpaper is no longer just a simple 'background', but a distinctive element of the space, indoors or outdoors, that welcomes it", says Alessandro Locatelli of WallPepper®/Group.

“The walls are, therefore, a means of characterizing environments both from an aesthetic and a design point of view and this also applies to yachts and cruise ships. Our participation in Cruise Ship Interiors Expo in Miami was specifically intended to bring (and narrate) the expressive possibilities and performance potential of wallpaper in this sector".

The collection of the new 2023 catalogue is made up of extraordinary images from which to be inspired to design the desired space. In addition to offering a wide and original range of proposals, also designed for the world of children, it confirms characteristics that have always made the WallPepper®/Group product unique.

The materials used are all natural, environmentally friendly and certified. Furthermore, all have antibacterial properties, for the benefit of comfortable, safe and protected spaces. Furthermore, among the various certifications, WallPepper®/Group has also obtained the important IMO/MED certification, essential for the use of wallpaper also on board cruise ships and yachts.

The International Maritime Organization is in fact the United Nations institution responsible for guaranteeing the safety of navigation and the protection of the marine environment; the MED Directive (Marine Equipment Directives) evaluates conformity and defines the basic requirements to be applied both in the design and production phases.

A certification that therefore validates the total suitability of WallPepper®/Group solutions to be used also in the nautical sector.

“We already collaborate with Costa Cruises, MSC Cruises, Viking Line and TUI Cruises. These companies are joined by leading companies in the shipbuilding industry, such as Fincantieri, and some architecture studios”, continues Alessandro Locatelli.

What makes WallPepper®/Group products special is also the possibility of made to measure exactly like a tailored suit and of customizing the image, in color and design, based on the project and the freedom to choose between different solutions according to the needs of the client or designer.

Which perfectly adheres to the needs of the yachting sector, where each boat is made to meet the owner's lifestyle and wishes.

Finally, among the hundreds of graphics in the catalogue, WallPepper®/Group offers exclusive Capsules Collection, temporary lines in collaboration with famous artists and designers. Like the Pocheparole collection dedicated to the graphic work of Andrea Cerquiglini.