INTERNI has presented on December 21 at the Triennale the book "30 years of FuoriSalone", a collective work that tells the genesis, development and meaning of an event that has changed the face of Milan and of design forever. The preface by the director Gilda Bojardi
It is not enough to resort to the equation Design = Milan to understand the success of a unique event of its kind which is the FuoriSalone , a choral work and expression of a system that only in Italy and only in Milan could it find its fruitful roots and to whose genesis and development various geographical, productive and cultural factors contributed. The book 30 years of FuoriSalone (ed. Electa) was born three decades after the first event which, on the initiative of Interni , involved the Milanese design places in a structured way, to add the historical and analytical perspective that was missing from the FuoriSalone phenomenon.

For us, the FuoriSalone is history now, but for sure in the future it will be studied as a phenomenon that has profoundly affected the urban morphology and the extraordinary evolution that, over the years, has projected the city into an international dimension. .

A totally spontaneous phenomenon that still today represents a cultural, spectacular and market model copied all over the world. Based on a successful mix of performances, installations, exhibitions and experimental expressions , it has become an integral part of a recognized process of didactic and design training .

Interni is one of the absolute protagonists of this event . It was 1990 when the magazine decided to fill the void left by the September edition of the Salone del Mobile, moved to April of the following year, by organizing the presentation and communication of 120 representative places of design , including galleries, showrooms and furniture shops. On this occasion, the first I nterni Designer's Week and the Guide were born, which still today represents an irreplaceable guidance tool for the FuoriSalone public.

Since then the event has grown more and more, overcoming, in terms of cultural vivacity and experimentation, the boundaries of the exhibition-market and becoming a great urban party that all visitors, regardless of professional interest , perceive it as a great transversal, spectacular and unmissable happening.

The economic induced is such as to make it the most important week of the year for the city.


Together with the Salone del Mobile , with respect to which it is positioned in a complementary way, the FuoriSalone makes Milan the elective place for the diffusion of a culture that places design at the center of a debate for innovation and the progress of society.

In this book we retrace the stages, the most emblematic events and events that marked the history of the FuoriSalone and allowed Milan to become the recognized International Capital of Design.

FuoriSalone's 30-year narrative is organized in chronological order and divided by decades (1990-1999, 2000-2009, 2010-2019), introduced by a chapter dedicated to the Eighties , or rather the anticipatory events of the FuoriSalone as we know it today.

The texts of four well-known design critics ( Beppe Finessi, Deyan Sudjic, Paolo Ferrarini and Li Edelkoort ) offer a general and personal reading of the phenomenon, its evolution and its meaning . The decades instead make use of the historical and sociological introduction of Andrea Davide Cuman , university professor and scholar, who tells the event in relation to the evolution of taste and the transformations of the city . The series of images is interspersed with the contributions of around 50 characters who, with their testimonies, memories and costume anecdotes, tell their FuoriSalone.

Thousands and thousands of photographs that we have retrieved from the Interni archives and which, unfortunately, have in part been lost. The selection was very difficult and was guided by the idea of ​​proposing a 'personal' story , certainly not exhaustive but certainly passionate: in some cases we favored the spectacularity of the images, in others the content and the importance of the event.

500 pages are not enough to retrace all the events recorded, from 1990 to today, by our FuoriSalone Guides , so we immediately apologize for the omissions that inevitably follow. It would take an encyclopedia to tell in detail what the most famous, animated and crazy week in Milan presented in 30 years. Or the digital archive of a site entirely dedicated to the history of this incredible event. And this doesn't necessarily happen, sooner or later ...