This is the title of the first appointment promoted by Atlas Concorde in its Milanese space in collaboration with Interni: the summary of the evening and the video of the speeches by Riccardo Blumer, professor at the Mendrisio Academy of Architecture, and Leonardo Cavalli, co-founder and managing partners of One Works

One evening, put two architects of the caliber of Riccardo Blumer, professor at the Mendrisio Academy of Architecture and of Leonardo Cavalli, co-founder and managing partners of One Works, chatting about a topic dear to both of you: the value of matter.

And put a special place, the Atlas Concorde Studio Milano, the Milanese showroom of Atlas Concorde, in which the culture of design and production mix. A very sophisticated space, created by Lissoni & amp; Partners in a 1900s-style building between via Goito and via San Marco, in the Brera district. A meeting place where the world of international design (architects, designers and general contractors) has the opportunity to experience first-hand the potential of the company's collections, exhibited as works of art, and have the support and advice to find the more appropriate solutions to their projects, as well as confronting the big names in the project, as on this occasion.


"Metamorphic. Surface design" was the title of the meeting organized last July 5th by Interni in collaboration with Atlas Concorde Studio Milano, an appointment that saw the two professionals intervene in front of an audience made up of some of the most important Milanese professional firms.

Riccardo Blumer, former director of the Mendrisio academy and now a passionate teacher, talked about primary matter and how man has transformed the planet through its elaboration ("the passage from raw to cooked").

"Right or wrong", says Blumer "this large installation made by the hands of man today it is evident that it needs a revision: too much has been done, sublime things have been done in past centuries, but today the conscience of the value of beauty and harmony".

Blumer showed how he transmits this solicitation to the boys: l working with his hands and body; appreciating even the smallest things for their original beauty; mixing powders that generate things. But above all, Blumer recalls, young people must be urged: “they must never be satisfied” on the contrary they must "try and retry a path until they find the right direction".

For Cavalli the creative value lies in the way projects are approached: the construction of a Metro (in Doha) that marks the identity of a city, the regeneration of an office building (a Rome) which will become the headquarters of the Ministry of Ecological Transition, the creation of an Outlet (in San Marino) that dialogues with the surrounding landscape.

And mimesis, how do we put it with materials such as ceramics, which are often inspired by others such as concrete, wood or marble?

For the two architects there is only one solution, the coexistence between the original materials and those that reflect their designs and textures (read ceramics and stoneware) but which then give other performances: resistance over time, hygiene, more sustainable solutions.

"There are no forced choices" concluded Cavalli "only choices to generate harmony, only this has a value".

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