At Portrait Milano, within Design Re-Evolution, Audi opens a space where it talks about its values: circular economy, digitization, design, performance, sustainability

The setting is the right one, between history and modernity. In fact, in Milan, in Corso Venezia 11, one of the cornerstones of the metropolis, in a spectacular building, Audi is opening its House of progress to the public, a space in which to communicate the brand's values (circular economy , digitalisation, design, performance, sustainability) and where customers come into contact with Audi by breathing its spirit and admiring its new products.

House of Progress at Portrait Milano

House of progress was therefore born in the so-called Piazza del Quadrilatero, the private courtyard with public access of the Portrait Milano, hotel of the Florentine hospitality brand Lungarno Collection owned by the historic Ferragamo family.

The space is a historic place full of charm, already exceptionally open to the public by the hotel brand, again in collaboration with Audi and Interni, in the 2017 and 2018 editions of the Design Week, before officially opening under the name of Portrait Milano in December 2022.

Houses of Progress in cities around the world

Milan was a bit of a trailblazer for Audi, already in April last year, with the first Italian edition of the House of progress.

The German company is in fact opening its Houses of Progress in key cities around the world to get even closer to its customers.

In 2022, the House of Progress was opened in Vienna and in Seoul and will soon also be opened in Saudi Arabia, in Riyhad.

The only permanent House of Progress, at the moment, was inaugurated in Wolfsburg, the city where Volkswagen was born and still the center of the group: in the Autostadt exhibition park, in unlike the "temporary" House of Progress, the concept represents the first permanent "house".

The idea behind House of Progress is to no longer need to implement changes for new installations, in line with the sustainability objective.

What will change will be the digital contents and the various exhibitions present, such as cars and furnishings. In this way, the exhibition will be able to welcome new themes quickly and easily.

Audi's vision of the future

But what is Audi's vision of the future?

Not only being at the forefront of the energy transition, offering its customers zero-impact, connected and self-driving cars, but reducing CO₂ emissions up to extending carbon neutral production from the current four production sites to all plants by 2025.

Furthermore, achieving a carbon neutral balance sheet for all brand activities by 2050: the program is called Audi Mission:Zero and focuses on the decarbonisation of whole production chain, on the development of the closed cycle for aluminum, steel, water and plastic, and on minimizing the water requirement by implementing the storage of rainwater and extending the closed water cycle to all production sites.

An ambitious goal, which requires a new multidisciplinary approach to rethink the entire production process.

The Skysphere: the story of mobility according to Audi

At the center of the exhibition space will be the extraordinary Skysphere concept, a car that prefigures what Audi's idea of mobility is.

It is a futuristic full electric roadster with a variable wheelbase, an absolute preview for the Italian public, to symbolize how technological progress and emotion can arise from a totally sustainable approach based on the circular economy.

In addition to the car, there will be the installation The Domino Act by designer Gabriele Chiave with Controvento, the creative collective born in 2022 that works on a wide range of design and art direction projects, and of which Chiave is co-founder. The installation consists of 22 monoliths arranged in a circle that interact with the surrounding environment and with light.

It is the artistic reinterpretation of the concept of sustainability through that of the 'domino' to underline how the decision in a strategic area can trigger a virtuous process impacting on all the others.