On the occasion of Earth Day, illycaffè wants to celebrate, as every day, the Earth and protect it together with those who share its same values: because only together is it possible to make a difference, day after day, one gesture after another

#ONEMAKESTHEDIFFERENCE (One Makes The Difference) is the communication initiative launched last summer by illycaffè which is part of the global corporate sustainability plan to become Carbon Neutral by 2033, the centenary of its foundation. In this way, the company confirms its commitment to pursuing a sustainable business model, capable of determining competitive advantages for the company, integrating social and environmental objectives.

In the awareness that the challenge for a more sustainable world can only be won by joining forces, illycaffè has developed a platform to tell how sustainable quality can help protect and improve the well-being of the planet and remind consumers that everyone's actions can be done. the difference. Through the use of the best technologies and research applied to raw materials and production processes, a multi-year program for the development of increasingly environmentally friendly products marked with the hashtag #ONEMAKESTHEDIFFERENCE has been implemented.

Inspired by the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, illycaffè pursues economic sustainability by sharing the value generated, social sustainability through personal growth and environmental sustainability through respect for the ecosystem, which translates into the principles of not polluting, do not waste and use renewable resources. The ability to move towards a company that decarbonises, in which individual businesses and individuals can make a difference, represents a fundamental step for the company.

This includes a series of investments in green products and technology, which led illycaffè to obtain B Corp certification in 2021, for its high standards of social and environmental performance. The company operates in such a way as to optimize the positive impact on the supply chain through sustainable agriculture (relationships with suppliers oriented towards continuous improvement, regular monitoring of working conditions, purchase of raw materials at a higher price than that of the market and activation of training programs), the quality of life, the circular economy and respect for the Planet, ensuring correct use of water, attention to ecosystems and biodiversity, and the correct disposal of waste.

Among the products that contribute to sustainable quality and to protect and improve the well-being of the planet, the X1 Anniversary E.S.E. & Ground, coffee machine for domestic use equipped with new energy saving technologies and which combines two different preparation systems: E.S.E. (single portion with the dose of coffee enclosed between two layers of filter paper) certified compostable and transferable in the organic, available in the Classic toasted variants in the double reference espresso and long, Intense and Decaffeinated, and ground coffee to minimize the impact environmental. A classic of contemporary design that is renewed by combining sustainability, innovation and versatility: thanks to the fast heating technology, the machine is always able to deliver coffee, steam and hot water, eliminating the waiting times associated with reaching the correct temperature and automatically entering the stand by after each delivery.

This is combined with the ECO - Easy Capsules Opener to invite everyone to make a difference at home together with illycaffè. The product has been perfected in functionality and handling, as well as in design, revealing itself to be the accessory, for domestic use, ideal for disposing of Iperespresso capsules in a sustainable manner once used.

The company's commitment to protecting the environment also involves bars with new eco-sustainable disposable accessories: the new take-away line is made entirely of recyclable materials with paper, easy to dispose of and that improve the On-The coffee experience. -Go. In addition, the use of take-away cups allows a reduction in plastic of more than 175 tons per year.