Alessandro Dondi, marketing and communication director of the Kerakoll Group, talks about the new path that the historic brand has tackled with the new Color Collection

"With the new Color Collection we want to help bring design and refinement with a green footprint into homes, as Kerakoll has been doing for some time, but in an even clearer way, almost through a guided path that, starting from a small family of colors, it gradually widens to give anyone the opportunity to find the right shade for their environment ".

A palette of one hundred and fifty colors and surfaces with a strong design imprint, trendy but sober, with a reference to the Italian artisan tradition. “We are talking about colors and surfaces for indoor and outdoor decoration. For a company like ours, which wants to interpret contemporary taste without chasing it, it has been normal to focus on material textures that decorate the rooms in a never shouted, refined way. Alongside this design component, we obviously add a green sensitivity: our water-based paints and surfaces respect nature and people, from the applicators to those who will live in the house ".

What is the exact target of the Color Collection?

“Both those who build and those who renovate, individuals as architects. The key word is versatility. We have thought of a collection capable of interpreting different styles. We are talking about low thickness surfaces, perfect for covering pre-existing layers. In this sense it is the ideal palette for those who, in these difficult months, want to rethink the house with a new color project. In particular, we looked at living well-being, at the comfort that a colored surface is able to convey. We immediately turned to dusty tones and with gray components, for their elegance and chromatic depth. We worked for families: we started with neutral, warm and cold, which are a bit of our comfort zone and still represent a very important component of the collection. We have worked by expanding the range of neutrals in terms of tones and intensity, since these are colors that in architecture often go together with other materials. Then, to these, we added other families, the more contemporary ones, coming to blues, greens, pinks and yellows, opting for saturated but soft tones. Finally, we have provided a part of the palette made up of brighter colors such as peach and purple, to give the opportunity to play with contrasts for those who, for example, want to break the balance of neutrals with unprecedented chromatic juxtapositions ".

The choice of color is crucial and it is often easy to get lost in a palette. How do you lead the audience?

“The Color Collection is a true chromatic path conceived to be easy and guide the choice. The division into fifteen chromatic scales, developed vertically and associated with the three light, medium and dark shades, arranged horizontally, is an invitation to navigate in great availability without losing the thread, within a secure frame. As regards the surfaces, in particular, following the design requirements, each has its own recommended intended use ".

Italians and the color of the house: how is this difficult relationship changing?

“In recent years, we dare more. Neutrals are still the main trend, but there is a strong return of color and that decorative component that evokes the world of stuccoes and spatulas of historic homes. We have treasured this by giving the collection a distinct artisan imprint: after all, Kerakoll comes from a deep-rooted manufacturing tradition, which it keeps alive with its training activity aimed precisely at passing on this history of excellence ".