For the second consecutive edition Eurostands has set up the acclaimed Venetian event, a large international craft workshop in Venice

Homo Faber is the exhibition-event dedicated to craftsmanship artisan: an international level event that aims to celebrate crafts art and to make known and give visibility to the master craftsmen.

A showcase of excellence recognized in the savoir-faire of Eurostands the right skill to set up the refined exhibition spaces which, from 10 April to 1 May, hosted 15 exhibitions on the island of San Giorgio in Venice.

An important and spectacular edition that, in an exhibition of 4000 square meters, celebrated the living treasures of Europe and Japan on a journey seen through the eyes of 22 exceptional curators and designers.

The Eurostands installations have managed to enrich the exhibition, which is already exceptional in itself, by gracefully settling in places normally closed to the public, such as the Longhena Library and the former Swimming pool Gandini.

Within the latter, the award-winning visual artist and director Robert Wilson has curated, in a space of about 1000 square meters made up of galleries, cloisters and unpublished spaces, an installation conceived as a theatrical work where the visitor was invited to experience two moments, in a ritual and cathartic journey.

A multisensory installation, punctuated by a dark entrance, with works and videos by the Japanese choreographer Suzushi Hanayagi, which then resulted in an immersion between art objects and clothes dominated by blue, blue and white lights.

Eurostands also created the Ferrari outdoor display case, part of The Artisan Tea Room, and the installation of the Nautical School on the island of San Giorgio, an engaging environment with beautifully worked wall panels and special tiles where you could admire the handcrafted works of some of the most important luxury houses in Europe.

The event was organized by the Michelangelo Foundation in partnership with the Giorgio Cini Foundation, the Cologni dei Mestieri d'Arte Foundation, The Japan Foundation and the Fondation Bettencourt Schueller.