Atlas Concorde this year celebrates the tenth year of the Marvel marble effect collection, and broadens its horizons on topics such as research, internationalization and sustainability

A special year for Atlas Concorde . The historic company from Fiorano Modenese, leader in the production of ceramic surfaces, this year celebrated ten years of Marvel, the successful collection inspired by the marble effect.

Birthdays are known to be marked with special events, so the company presented 3 celebratory collections for the occasion: Marvel Gala, the marble effect with intense colors, Marvel Travertine, the travertine effect created in collaboration with HBA and Marvel X, the marble effect with white and gray tones.

The ceramic material becomes extremely sophisticated thanks to the innovative design and certain colors that recall natural stones with intense colors.

Interest in international markets has also led Atlas Concorde to a new collaboration: Hirsch Bedner Associates (HBA), a well-known leading firm in the design of luxury hotels and resorts, with more than 24 offices globally.

Their Marvel Travertine collection is inspired by travertine, the marble used in Rome since ancient times and which has helped to mark the beauty of the Eternal City.

HBA and Atlas Concorde have reinterpreted the beautiful Italian stone with performances that take into account the different demands of the market, especially in the contract sector.

Moving to Milan, from Atlas Concorde Studio Milano in via San Marco 12, the qualities of marble and possible variations in the ceramic field were the subject of discussion at the meeting "Beauty as a Paradigm".

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The event organized last October in partnership with Interni had as guests the architect Francesco Fresa Co-founder of Piuarch, the Milanese studio known for its green vocation and for its important collaborations with the fashion world (Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana and Fendi, whose head quarter has just finished) and the designer Raffaello Galiotto, who for many years has collaborated as a designer with important companies in the stone sector, also organizing exhibitions and cultural events for the most important sector events.

Fresa emphasized the value of marble applied in his projects and the importance of ceramic material as an indispensable resource in architecture thanks to its characteristics of high performance and sustainability.

Galiotto instead focused on the intrinsic qualities of the stone , its values of its extraordinary beauty.

Both highlighted the importance of understanding times and needs in the use of the two materials, urging continuous updating in the search for new expressiveness in the ceramic field (Fresa) and the use of new processing technologies for both materials (Galiotto).


Cover photo: Francesco Fresa, co-founder of PIUARCH, and Raffaello Galiotto, designer, in the Aylas Concorde Studio Milano showroom as guests of the talk by Interni, moderated by Patrizia Catalano. All images: ph Saverio Lombardi Vallauri