Milano Design City is also digital events, webinars and talks, so as not to exclude anyone

“Digital is a question of culture”, says Maria Grazia Mattei, an ante litteram reference point for remote communication - she is the inventor of Meet the media guru - and founder of MEET. “It takes experience and research, especially in the creative field. But please don't talk about virtual anymore” she concludes.

Things are just happening now. In recent months, brands have launched, with great audacity, webinars, online meetings, presentations, live interviews. And although Milano Design City is admittedly a bold program to return to trigger the alchemy of the physical event, it does not give up on expanding its audience through online events.

Interni's Design Talks, the schedule of conferences in the context of Interni Designer's Week, are not open to the public but are put online a few hours after their registration on the home page of the site.

San Lorenzo presents the new SX112 online, today at 11.00. Massimo Perotti, executive chairman, and the designer Piero Lissoni meet on board the yacht to talk about the new project.

Live from the Alpi showroom at 12.00 Patrizia Moroso and Vittorio Alpi meet to talk about surfaces and design in the design process

On Thursday 8 October at 7.00 pm GLO, live on its Instagram channel, holds a meeting on the topic of Sustainability and recycling.

On Friday 9 at 13.00 Foscarini will present the latest in a cycle of talks moderated by Laura Traldi to talk about the brand's projects with its creators. The appointment is with Tord Boontje, who will talk about Sun-Light of Love.

Also on Friday 9 October but at 5.00 pm Porro talks about the new collections by GamFratesi and Piero Lissoni through the filter of environmental sustainability.

The common thread of all the digital appointments of these ten days of Milano Design City is the meeting, the dialogue. Perhaps the attempt is not to give up content and move from online to on life, as Luciano Floridi says.