ALUCOBOND is the aluminium composite panel chosen for over fifty years for building and architectural projects of various kinds. Its versatility makes it a strategic solution in terms of function and aesthetics

Maximum performance and intriguing aesthetics. With ALUCOBOND the composite panel becomes more than a simple functional element for the construction of facades, cladding and roofing of buildings. From a mere structural element, to a strategic complement for architecture.

Since their introduction on the market in 1969, ALUCOBOND panels have quickly established themselves due to their extreme flatness and stiffness, as well as the formability obtained with simple fabrication techniques. Architects, designers and building facade planners have recognized ALUCOBOND composite panels as a partner capable of guaranteeing harmony and performance.

ALUCOBOND is produced in Germany using raw materials of the highest quality and highly resistant to corrosion (aluminum alloy 5005A), naturally in compliance with the highest international environmental standards. It is also ecological and sustainable, for its realization no toxic materials or heavy metals are used, neither in the production process nor in the product.


ALUCOBOND is a composite panel consisting of two aluminum cover sheets and a fire-retardant or non-combustible mineral-filled core, which stands for sustainable construction quality and the highest creative standards. The facade material stands out for its outstanding characteristics such as precise flatness, variety of surfaces and colours as well as excellent formability.


ALUCOBOND for rear-ventilated facades combines the characteristics of constructive energy efficiency, economic profitability and architectural quality. The rear-ventilated construction technique is suitable for the construction of facades on both new and existing buildings, as well as roof constructions, corporate identity programs and interior applications.

How to build with ALUCOBOND

With its wide range of fabrication options at affordable costs, ALUCOBOND is ideal for carrying out unusual projects. It can also be managed directly on site using commercially available tools and can be modeled in different ways. Thanks to the excellent durability of the composite material, the building can be maintained without major subsequent investments.

It is sustainable and recyclable

The careful management of raw materials, the environment and the social context in which all business processes take place has been central for over 50 years in 3A Composites (producer company of ALUCOBOND). During its life cycle, the aluminum composite panel contributes to active and passive energy savings thanks to reduced service and maintenance costs and a high insulating effect.

Even after a period of life and use of much more than 50 years as a cladding material for a ventilated facade, ALUCOBOND can be considered as a passive deposit of material thanks to its high possibility of recycling and reuse as raw material, without downgrading aluminum and mineral core materials.

Together with experts from the construction sector and various associations, the company is constantly working on solutions for product design in an increasingly innovative and sustainable way for architects, designers, building contractors, owners and final users.

About the production of ALUCOBOND

  • ALUCOBOND is made in Germany and is environmentally friendly and sustainable
  • Raw materials of the highest quality and highly corrosion resistant (aluminum alloy 5005A) are used
  • Compliance with the highest international environmental standards
  • No use of toxic materials or heavy metals of any kind, neither in the production process nor in the product

Flame resistance of the core

The flame resistance of the ALUCOBOND aluminum composite panel core is achieved exclusively by using mineral additives. There is no use of halogen components in the core.

PAK substances - in accordance with REACH

ALUCOBOND does not exceed the PAK limit required by the EU and therefore meets the requirements of the European Standard.

RoHS - Declaration of conformity

ALUCOBOND does not exceed the predefined limit values ​​and therefore also meets the requirements of the RoHS Directive.

VOC and SVOC emissions

ALUCOBOND meets the requirements for VOC and SVOC emissions in accordance with the tests and evaluation system of the German Committee for the Health Assessment of Construction Products (AgBB) after 3 and 28 days.


ALUCOBOND is 100% recyclable, ie both the core and the aluminum skins can be reused as raw material to produce new materials. It is the high value of aluminum that provides the most important boost to the economy for recycling. Aluminum is infinitely recyclable.

Further information and brochures on sustainability are available in the download section of where you can also find various references of classified ALUCOBOND projects according to the most important international certifications: LEED, DGNB, BREEAM, HQE.

Fire protection

The fire regulations for the building envelope may differ somewhat from country to country. However, they all have the common goal of protecting whoever is in the building. To achieve this result, the system constituting the facade is particularly important: it is not enough for each component to be safe, the entire building must be. Wall construction, insulation, substructure, facade material, designing, wiring, connection techniques to name a few - all components and parameters affect the fire safety of the building.

Aluminum composite panels offer different solutions for the fire safety of renovated or new buildings. The ALUCOBOND facade material is approved according to EN 13501-1 'Reaction to fire'. This test focuses on the performance and safety of the product that is installed as a system.

The offer for an applied and ventilated fire-resistant facade therefore includes ALUCOBOND PLUS (class EN B-s1, d0) or ALUCOBOND A2 (class EN A2-s1, d0) in combination with a incombistible mineral insulation.

This combination prevents flame spread or a critical temperature rise and even exceeds the criteria set by the fire regulation BR135. All this was demonstrated in late 2016 and early 2017 through the BRE's four BS8414 fire tests.

The new ALUCOBOND premium anodised: metal is multi-talented

To complement the already wide range of surfaces, a new range has recently been introduced designed to withstand all weather conditions and, at the same time, give space to new design possibilities in architecture: ALUCOBOND premium anodised.

The real anodized series is available in matt or brushed finishes with a range of colours ranging from natural anodized to gold, copper to darker tones. Time enhances the anodized surfaces: as they acquire depth and become more expressive, the authentic beauty of aluminum is enhanced to the maximum.

The electrolytic oxidation of aluminum coats the material in a protective oxide layer, which is then coloured in a second step. A process that guarantees the colours to maintain their intensity and be protected from corrosion.

Unique in the world, the newly developed PANELOX process pushes the boundaries of design by transforming facades with individual decors and structures.

The surface structure varies from rough or rusty to bright and polished depending on the processing. This creates a unique, multi-layered texture and refraction of light.

About 3A Composites

3A Composites GmbH has developed and marketed high quality aluminum composite panels, structural composite materials, plastic and lightweight foam panels for the architecture, visual communication, transportation and industrial markets since 1969. The famous brands ALUCOBOND, DIBOND, ALUCORE, KAPA and FOREX , have consolidated its reputation as a global company.

Cover photo: OurDomain, Rotterdam | The Netherlands. Tangram Architecten, Amsterdam | The Netherlands. ALUCOBOND PLUS premium anodised Panelox AluBronze 01, AluBronze 03. Ph: Peter de Ruig