In Rome, from industrial archaeology to modern renovation, with Schüco systems

The project by Studio Transit called for adaptation and renewal of the original headquarters of Gruppo Angelini through demolition and reconstruction, leading to the creation of a new office complex. The design approach is organic and conservative, in keeping with the client’s desire to reinforce a bond between the building and the city (Angelini’s presence in this zone of Rome dates back to after World War II).

The image of the construction has remained intact: the original modules, with their characteristic L-shaped form, have been repeated – completing the lot on all three streetfronts. The whole organism is joined together by a raised platform that expands over the rest of the building, generating an expressive rise that incorporates and individuates the single parts in a contemporary architectural logic. This ‘bridge’ contains the executive offices, making a functional connection for the four operative blocks and completing the perimeter of the lot.

Particular care has gone into the design of green areas, with vertical garden walls and the presence of tall trees. The upgrade has led to the ideal dissecting of the overall volume, with the aim of creating four separate blocks divided by openings of about 10 meters for private green settings.

From an architectural standpoint the memory of the existing facade has been conserved. A fluid work of architecture, with a characteristic ‘ribbon’ form, in an experimental approach enhanced by optimization of the outer facades, obtained through the use of Schüco systems in aluminium. Three facade systems have been utilized, establishing a dialogue while providing a uniform structural appearance of great visual impact. Schüco FWS 50 with posts and crosspieces – positioned in the covered zones of the building – Schüco USC 65 SG with frameworks, and the structural system Schüco SFC 85.

Thanks to the unique quality of an extraordinary material like aluminium and advanced services of design and installation by Schüco, the Angelini headquarters complies with the latest seismic prevention and energy consumption regulations. The new facility is on its way to obtaining LEED® certification.

Photo credits: Manuela De Micheli; Francesco Pinto; Francesco Campanelli