The evolution of the Itelyum Group (once Viscolube) which has been dealing with the management and valorisation of industrial waste for over 60 years

Known for its activity in the management and valorisation of industrial waste sector, as well as having a company history spanning 60 years, Itelyum is an example of how the pioneering and visionary spirit is capable of producing changes through regenerative processes, in economy and society.

Itelyum is a national and international player for the circular economy, and since the first founding nucleus was born in the years of the economic boom of our country, the Group always rides the wave of innovation bringing processes and solutions for different types of waste, even dangerous ones, giving them new life and a new value for the market and for the environment.

A look towards the future and new supply chains and geographies

With recovery, technology and chemistry in its DNA, Itelyum has extended its know-how over the last decade from the regeneration of used lubricating oils to new industrial supply chains, recovering resources and value from waste from the chemical, pharmaceutical and mechanical industries. What yesterday was waste, today, thanks to recovery and regeneration processes, can be put back on the market as products of absolute quality, sustainable for the economy and for society.

Itelyum today manages 1 million 800 thousand tons per year of industrial waste, also covering the port and water treatment sectors.

From Viscolube to Itelyum, what has changed

With 30 companies and more than 1400 employees, the headquarters of the Itelyum Group is located in Pieve Fissiraga, in the province of Lodi, where Viscolube was born in 1973, the subject of an important rebranding in 2019 which reinvented the corporate identity and structure, starting with the new corporate name.

With the transformation of Viscolube into Itelyum, capitalizing on a history of value and integrating know-how and skills throughout the national territory in a single Group, an industrial platform of services entirely dedicated to providing sustainable solutions for the environment, for customers and the community at large.

The term 'Itelyum' evokes both Italianness and internationality at the same time, exploiting a Latin ending rather than, as often happens, an Anglo-Saxon one.

The logo features a graphic arrow pointing upwards and representing a kite, with the aim of creating the icon of sustainability. This is in fact the value that Itelyum materializes with its business policy and the services offered, also committing itself to the diffusion of a culture of sustainability, permeating other sectors such as art and sport and creating synergies for the construction of an awareness path for building a green society.

From the logo design a modular sign matrix was generated capable of 'synthesizing' the dynamism of Itelyum.

Graphic forms that are infinitely composed and decomposed, always regenerating themselves. This matrix that seems 'alive', flexible, fast, transformative is the key to the Group's visual communication at every point of contact, from brochures to exhibition stands up to the entire coordinated image.

The Itelyum sign matrix was at the center of the installation "Metamorphosys, the art of regeneration" at the latest edition of the Milano Design Week. It was the protagonist at Ecomondo, the Rimini international fair dedicated to the ecological transition and soon at the Itelyum Arena, the home of basketball.

Sustainability as a lever for success

With advanced skills and technologies, Itelyum offers sustainable processes, products and solutions for the management of waste and its transformation into resources.

Sixty years of industrial history built on the principles of the circular economy even before this became the economy of the future, involving customers, suppliers, institutions, local and global communities in the creation of economic, environmental and social value.